Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This day started very very early or I should say yesterday ended very very late.  Just as I was turning the computer off last night Re called and asked if we had any electric heaters we could take to her house. Aa was there with the kids while she worked and the heat pump had stopped working.
Hubbie heard me rummaging around downstairs and came to help. We found a couple heaters downstairs and he had a couple in his workshop. We took them over to Aa and tried to figure out what was going on with his heat pump. Even the emergency heat didn't appear to be working.
We came home around midnight in the 16 degree temperature hoping the four heaters would be enough to keep Aa's house warm.
I almost felt guilty snuggling down under our warm covers with our two wood stoves going and the house toasty warm.
This morning I was up at 7:30 expecting g-son and g-daughter and Aa was bringing EL over to spend the morning while Re and BB slept . School was closed today for a teacher work day at the end of the grading period but d-in-love had to work.
It was 12 degrees when I looked at the thermometer when G-son and G-daughter arrived at 8:00.
Just a little later EL arrived for a fun morning with g-son.
They were best buddies from the start eating breakfast off the same TV table.
They played very well together all morning taking turns pushing each other on the tri-cycle and playing with the race track in the playroom.
I took this pic as I laughed because when g-daughter went down for her morning nap I asked them to find something quiet to do while she slept. I walked back in the living room and found them both on their tummies watching a movie on the "little screen" of g-son's i-pod !!!!!
They got hungry early and to my surprise they both sat at the dining room table and had their lunch while having what sounded like a very serious discussion about why g-daughter was being fussy.
EL's dad picked her up and they headed home for her to take a nap after she ate.
G-son said repeatedly throughout the afternoon that he wished she were still here !!!!
G-daughter had a bad day and was really fussy but later this evening she came around to her happy self rolling around on a blanket on the floor in front of the woodstove.

She loves her brother !!!!!
I got in some housework this afternoon and made some homemade white chicken chili which was very good and really hit the spot on this cold winter evening. I have been looking at this recipe on the Aldi calendar all month and today was the day I got around to making it and I'm glad I did !!

The animal waterers had frozen completely again this evening with the high only reaching 31 today and dropping quickly as soon as the sun went down. Carrying water twice a day makes chore time twice as long.
D-in-love picked her car up from the garage that repaired the wreck damage today and turned the rental in before she came after the kids. Her car looks good and I know she is glad to have it back as she has much more room in it than the rental. She has a Nissan Pathfinder and the rental was a Chevy Eqinox.
Tomorrow may be an interesting day as snow is predicted for in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Depending again on which weather station you listen to the amount varies greatly. This snow will come from "Ilias" the winter storm named today. This storm is supposed to move through quickly and cause very little trouble but then............
The other storm that was named today, "Jonas" could spell major trouble for us and will cause some major trouble for many states as he roars in later in the week. This is where he will be Thursday looking like on this model just starting to push rain into our area of NC.
Depending on the track this storm takes some models are predicting as much as 20" of snow in our back yards. That would be more snow than we had in the blizzard of 1993 !!!
 Other models has it moving more northerly and then we will get freezing rain and a large amount of icing so either way the weekend is not looking pretty for us !!!!!
After the kids were picked up hubbie and I had a big bowl of chicken chili and relaxed for the evening.
Daughter's teams played West Henderson tonight at West and lost both games.

Happy 70th birthday to my favorite country music singer of all time Dolly Parton.
Thankful for a very blessed day and the love of a gracious Heavenly Father who is always there for me to lean on .
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Hope everything is going okay with ya'll and everyone is safe and warm. Both those storms look nasty. We are finally slowing climbing out of the deep freeze and the sunshine feels real good. Dolly Parton is my favorite all time Country Music Singer also. Blessings to all