Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Another out of school snow day. Although the snow is melting fast the DOT still has not scraped a lot of county roads and the school officials have said until all the roads are scraped they cannot have school safely. DOT's excuse is that they have had a lot of equipment problems during this big snow.
D-in-love went into work late this morning and left these 2 to spend the day with me.

G-son was helpful today with his little sister who didn't have a very good day after being with mom for the last 5 days.  She only slept about 30 minutes this entire day so that made for a very unhappy little girl by the time mom came to pick her up.
I spent the day between taking care of them doing some dusting and decor changing and  I got all the clean rugs put away.
I played some games with g-son on his I-Pod, he always wins but that is how he likes it !!!
There was a beautiful sunset this evening after a mid 40's day with some clouds and sunshine mixed in.
This snow just refuses to leave in many places. As I did chores this evening I was slipping and sliding all around in the slick white stuff that remains in our yard.  Guess it is hanging around waiting on another one !!!   But by the looks of this forecast it will have to wait a while !!!
Hubbie and I spent a restful evening tonight and I am getting an earlier bedtime tonight to get back on my regular early morning schedule as school is back in session tomorrow. It is on a two-hour delay but d-in-love has to go in at the regular time.
Thankful for my undeserved blessings of the day and looking forward to what God has in His plans for tomorrow.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I know how you feel about the slipping and sliding. Part of my driveway is 100% in the shade, so snow and ice have a very hard melting. Took the garbage out to the road this AM and driveway is still very slippery despite it being salted. Blessings