Saturday, January 23, 2016


Woke to the sound of whipping winds outside, very thankful to still have power !!
As I did the morning chores the sky was getting some patches of blue, hopefully letting the warm sunshine through.
The hens would not come out of their houses for the second day in a row and I really didn't blame then in this wind today.
The road by our house is still slick snow covered this morning.
Talked to #2 son and he and Tif had to go into work at the P. O. but only cased the mail then they sent them home because these little mail trucks just won't go on the roads when the roads are snow covered as they are today.

The whipping winds also were causing several feet deep snow drifts on some roads and making visibility very low.
I used this snowy windy cold day to take a much needed rest break from my usual busy lifestyle and sat in the sunroom in front of the heater and watched the winds whip the snow into "snow tornadoes" and watched the birds at the feeders.

If I was going to perch on a limb today, one on the ground would be a smart choice !!!
Annie gets jealous when I just make pics of the birds.
The snow came back this evening just in time for the setting sun to put sparkling magic into the flakes.
The sky lit up this evening as if to say this is the end of the snow storm and better days are on the way. This was my view from the top of the hill.
And this was d-in-love's view from the bottom of the hill ........
The road didn't look any different this evening than it did this morning. No DOT trucks yet on the secondary roads !!
After a high today of 26 and the predicted 16 degrees tonight not much melting is happening !!
#1 son's family came up and had supper with us tonight. We had BBQ pork chops, baked potatoes and Lima beans tonight.
The weather is the top story as "Jonas" makes his way up the east coast dumping snow as it goes, stalling traffic and creating numerous problems.
Thanks to Jonas the snow cover area in the country increased significantly over the last couple days.
These are some of the snowfall totals around our area.
The wind is the big problem tonight as the gust are pushing 50 mph and the trees are falling all around.
This was a weird Saturday for me. Not going to market on a Saturday makes it seem like not Saturday. It's probably just as well with as slow as market has been in the previous Saturdays this month I probably didn't miss much but it does seem very strange.
At least I have already done much better then my mom did back in January of 1986 as I found some of her old market sales list for that month.

She only went to market 3 days that month and her monthly total was $27.79 !!!!!   Making me very thankful and feeling a little guilty for complaining about slow sales !!  But is also shows how times have changed as I still sell the same bonnets she made but have not sold any crafts at all this month. My mother only sold crafts, she never sold baked goods.
Yawning tonight at 10:30 so I'm taking an early bedtime to continue my day of rest !!
Thankful to God tonight for the wonderful blessings of His amazing creations that are so perfect and beautiful.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Some beautiful photos of the birds and the glorious sunset. Please stay safe and warm. Blessings