Monday, January 11, 2016


BRRRRR !!!!  Feels like 9 degrees out here this morning, just hope the animals get a drink of the fresh water before it refreezes !!
We are scrambling with new plans this morning as g-son has the dreaded stomach virus. Poor guy looks really bad. I so hate to see any of these kids sick !!!

D-in-love was scheduled to take her car to the shop to have the accident damage repaired and pick up her rental car this morning. Original plans were, g-daughter was coming here early and #1 son was going with her and then on to work late, g-son was going with them and going in to school late. Re worked last night and was bring EL and BB here early this morning.
Scrambled plans were , g-daughter still came here early, hubbie went down to #1 son's  house to stay with g-son while son and d-in-love took the car to the shop and got a rental, Re brought the kids over and stayed here with g-daughter and I  until d-in-love got back and picked up g-daughter, d-in-love is staying home with g-son today, hubbie came home and Re went home to sleep around 10am, whew !!!!!
We had a good day with EL and BB as they always are a joy to have around. While downstairs helping me put the laundry in the machine EL found this old tricycle. She loved riding it around until she hit the wall and crashed !!!
Then of course brother wanted his turn on it.
This little boy has taken off walking and is hard to keep up with now.
I have no idea what Pawpaw has that is so interesting !!??
They had fun playing all morning with different things. BB used to be afraid of the noise of this race track now he loves it.

Until sister hoarded all the cars at her end of the table !!!
We also worked all day on potty training EL and she did great. It is always fun for me to be reminded of past memories and today was filled with that fun. Funny how things change but some how stay the same !!!!!!
Little EL today..........
G-son when he was potty training 7 years ago............
This little piano serves as a good relaxer !!!!!!!!!
Another memory stirred ..... BB today on this little John Deere tractor that a friend gave g-son.

Little EL on the tractor a couple years ago...........
And 8 years ago g-son on the same tractor.
What a fun day !!!!!!!!
After lunch EL and BB both went down for naps and I finished the three loads of laundry while hubbie gathered more firewood.
The high temp today was 37 degrees headed for the low 20's tonight so we will need to keep the fire burning !!
G-son is feeling better tonight and his fever is down , he hasn't eaten anything yet but has gotten a lot of fluid in him. Hopefully he is on the mend.
After chores and supper tonight I spent the evening looking through all my pictures for decade fodder. Hopefully I can get that finished tomorrow and start posting. January is usually a slow picture month.
Grateful to God for the blessings of this day and thankful that g-son is feeling better.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I love seeing how the kids grow . So happy to hear g-son is starting to feel better. It is bitter cold here. Temps are in the single digits and dropping with below zero wind chills. Stay safe and warm. Blessings