Tuesday, January 26, 2016


An extra snooze this morning as with schools closed d-in-love is taking both kids to see her dad at the hospital today.
After chores and breakfast out in the sunroom enjoying my bird friends I started housework for the day.
After a quick lunch I gathered all the rugs and big comforters and furniture covers and headed out to the Lost Sock laundry out the road.
I had to put the Pilot in 4X4 to manuver out of our driveway with all the slick melting snow. The temp this morning was 38 and the high today was 47 degrees so there is a lot of melting going on.
Lucky for me all the bigger machines were open in the pretty crowded laundramat.
I got all my things washed and dried what I could in about an hour and 15 minutes.
From there I had some farm tax business to do at the courthouse before the end of the month so I went there next. Our town looks like a northern town today with all the piles of snow !!!
Traffic was very heavy for the middle of the day. 

I stopped by Ingles on the way home to get some Boarshead sandwich meat and some fresh collard greens to curb my collard green craving !!!
All the main roads were in good shape but had a lot of water on them.
Schools are closed again tomorrow because most of the secondary roads are still not scraped !!
There is rain coming in this evening and then depending on the temps maybe freezing rain !!
I spent the afternoon hanging all the rubber backed rugs downstairs in the room with the wood stove. I don't have to worry about too much dampness in the house with the stove going down there. By the time I got them hung up and all the other things put away I was pooped but I still had to vacuum the furniture before putting the clean covers on it.
After hubbie came in from work and helped get the fresh clean bed clothes on and the rugs back down we both took a break and watched the news. I had to fight to stay awake with the heating pad on my back relaxing me it was very soothing.
After chores I put the collard greens in the pressure cooker and grilled us a couple small steaks I bought on the inside grill for a very tasty supper.
Hopefully the temperature will stay above freezing until the rain gets past us. It is still 40 degrees at 11:00 here.
For all of the folks tired of this snow and cold looks like there might be relief in the forecast !!
To continue the decade photographs here are some random pics from January 2006.
#1 son in his dump truck still continues work on their new house site.
Our farm pond.....
January decor ..........

I am very grateful for all the blessings of this day and I thank God so much for the strength and health He gives me each day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

You really did get a lot of snow. And you really did get a lot of chores done yesterday. Happy to see the forecast map with above average temps for Feb. Blessings