Saturday, January 30, 2016


A cold morning started this market day. I should have known better than to think it was going to be really warm today !!!  With no long handle underwear or warm boots I headed off to market.
There is still a lot of dirty snow piles lining the city streets.

The market day was pretty slow although I am very thankful for what I did sell. My original plans were to sneak out of market early and attend g-son's basketball game at noon, but you know what always happens to the best layed plans !!!
The customer who ordered the coconut and caramel cake didn't come until after 1:00 so no ballgame for me !! So with numb cold feet and shivering cold legs my day wouldn't be coming to an early end after all. Just as well as hubbie went to the ballgame and said they really had a bad game and lost 27-7. Today was the first game g-son didn't score but hubbie said he didn't seem upset.
Today was our annual Curb Market stock holders meeting at 2:00. We elected a board of control for the next year , they are Ralph King, Shannon Ball, Pat Walker, Bobby Cox, David Taylor.
The only new business was that we are going to pay off the loan for the new roof with a couple CD's that are not drawing much interest and we will probably only have one old timey day this year in the spring. The very good news of the year was that market finished the year in the black with almost $1000 to spare in the bank.  The meeting lasted about 45 minutes.
After I left market I stopped by Aldi to pick up some chicken wings to have for lunch tomorrow.
I unloaded and had a snack then headed outside on this sunny low 50's afternoon to clean out all my chicken houses.
I worked on this project while hubbie worked splitting and gathering more firewood for the week.
I just finished my cleaning in time to feed the chickens and dogs before it got dark tonight.
After the snow and several days of all the chickens spending the entire day inside their houses the houses were very dirty so we have a lot of fertilizer for the garden.
I fixed a chicken stir fry for supper tonight and then rested on a heating pad to sooth my already sore back muscles from all the shoveling this afternoon.  But it felt good to have that nasty job done for awhile !!
As we get ready to wrap up this first month of the new year I look back over a very blessed month and say a prayerful  thanks for all the love that our Lord sends my way each day. I look forward to ending the month with my church family worshiping Him tomorrow.
God Bless and Good Night.

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