Saturday, January 9, 2016


Market day dawned cloudy and cold. Hubbie and I headed into town to market as g-son headed out to play his first basketball game of the season. Daughter and Josh went to the game to watch and keep us posted.
The game started at 9:00 and at 9:10 daughter text me and said g-son had already scored his first basket in the game.
His team ended up losing the game 9-8 but he scored 4 of his teams 8 points. So he was a happy little guy. He is calling for the ball in the first pic and he and a teammate check out the call in the second and in the third he brings up the rear as everyone runs down the court.

After the game daughter brought her baked goods by the market and #1 son and family came by to let g-son tell us all about his first game. He was so proud of himself and excited I wish I could have bottled that excitement to bring out later !!!  He stayed at market while his mom went over to the hospital to see her dad and #1 son went to the dump. He left with hubbie to go to the library and then shopping at Sam's and to have a slice of their pizza which g-son loves.
Market was extremely slow today. I had a nice visit with a couple friends who stopped by and then packed up early to get my shopping errand done.
I stopped at Walmart to check out their rugs and found exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a rubber backed rug that I could put in the big washer at the laundry and this fit the bill perfectly and was the exact colors I had been looking for. This pic is of the matching runner I bought.
It started raining while I was in Walmart and I got pretty wet on the way back to the car. I got home around 4:00 and took a break after hubbie helped me unload.
The rain got harder as we did the evening chores.
The "H" storm was named today, Hera,  and is causing all the rain tonight then bringing some cold temps and wind in for the beginning of the week and maybe even some snow flurries.
Hubbie and I had supper of sauteed kale greens and turkey breast then we fried cube steak for tomorrow's lunch . I will put them in the crock pot before church to heat up.
After we finished cooking hubbie ran the vacuum and I mopped all the floors. My right arm is still tender and doing both vacuuming and mopping brings the pain back in it. I can mop mostly with my left arm and do okay. My strength is slowing coming back into it also and I just don't want to hurt it again.
We finished out the evening resting in front of the TV watching UNC beat Syracuse in a very close basketball game .
Thanking God for all the wonderful blessings of this day and looking forward to praising His name tomorrow with my church family.
God Bless and Good Night

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