Saturday, January 16, 2016


At 6am today the scanner came alive and woke me up. There were wrecks all around the area on the slick black ice that surprised many drivers. Many roll overs were called in and there were so many they ran out of available wreckers to haul them away or pull them out of ditches they had slid into.
I dozed back off and when the alarm sounded at 8am I made a call to market to make sure they were even open today. Nancy, our manager answered the phone and said she didn't see any ice in town.
Hubbie and I did chores and got ready to head out slowly on the roads. Lucky for us as I fed my hens I saw the salt truck go up our road.
When we arrived at market I was surprised by the amount of cars in the parking lot.
I had a decent day and am very thankful for what I sold.
Hubbie came by about 1:30 and helped me load up so we could go watch g-son in a basketball game.
When we got to the county activity center gym the game before g-son's was only 1/2 over so hubbie and I went back outside to walk around in the fresh air instead of staying inside the crowded gym. Daughter met us in the parking lot.
G-son's team played another good game but lost their second game. G-son scored 2 of the 6 points his team scored and they lost 11-6.
He looked like he enjoyed himself the entire game. He is in the black with the grey shirt.

 His team is learning more each game.
After the game hubbie came home and I went to Aldi and Ingles for some extra groceries.
We just had time to get unloaded and get things put away before it was chore time. It has stayed cold all day with the high temp in the low 40's and tonight it is 35 at 10:30.
Depending on which weather forecaster you chose to believe we could wake up to another interesting morning tomorrow.
This station's map shows us out of the warning area.
But this station predicts 1" of snow for our area.
HMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Only morning's light will tell !!!!!
Daughter sent me a photo of the auxillary gym at the high school all decorated for the "winter formal" that they are having tonight. She was one of the chaperones.
Looks like some one did a fantastic job decorating !!!  and looks like there was a lot of students there to enjoy the dance. (yes we dance in cowboy boots around here !!!)
Hubbie and I did our weekly vacuuming and mopping tonight and then we relaxed for the evening and watched an animal veterinary show on TV called The Incredible Dr. Poll about a Michigan veterinarian that makes a lot of large animal farm calls plus has a small animal clinic.
After spending many years raising cattle and all sorts of other animals we have seen a lot of tragedies in the lives of farm animals and watching this show sometimes reinforces the decision we made to get out of that business years ago. There is a lot of bad memories stirred by the things that happen to some of these animals.
I am thankful to God tonight for the blessings of this day and looking forward to what His love will bring in the coming days.
God Bless and Good Night.

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