Monday, January 4, 2016


Up at 7am to help get g-daughter settled in for her first day back with me . Hubbie was off today so after we got her in her swing in the living room he slept in the recliner while I went back and snuggled down in my warm spot in bed.
As I dragged myself out of bed a little later and out in the cold 27 degree morning to get the ice broken of all the waterers and get all the animals their breakfast I caught myself wishing for spring already, uhhhhh !!!
The sun is going to have a hard time pushing through all those clouds today.

I came back inside to have breakfast while g-daughter still slept and hubbie went over to the local barbershop to get a haircut.
When he came back he came inside asking if I had noticed Sadie,our tri-color Aussie, limping badly with a bloody foot. She was fine when I came inside just a little while ago. We checked her out and found a round puncture wound under her front leg. It was bleeding pretty badly so we brought her inside and washed it out with cold water and put some medicine on it. The bleeding stopped and she laid down and went right to sleep in the warm basement. At her age everything is a major hurdle for her. We have no idea how she hurt herself but suspect that Flash may have got a tooth snagged on the loose skin under her leg and tore it. She is really sore in her entire leg so we are just guessing.
#2 son came to get hubbie to ride with him to take his new puppy ,Bear, to the vet for a free puppy check appointment.  Bear passed with flying colors and was declared very healthy.
While they were gone things got interesting around here. As I was feeding g-daughter her first bottle the man that used to be youth minister at our church, Enrique, had a car break down on the road at our driveway. He luckily coasted the car into the drive off the road. He wanted to see if hubbie could help figure what was wrong with it when he got back. Enrique has been to our house multiple times so it was a nice catch up visit with him. He met g-daughter for the first time.
When hubbie and son got home they tried to jump the car off but had no luck. They think the fuel pump is bad so he is having it towed tomorrow to be checked out. Hubbie took him to get another car to drive.
While all this was going on I did three loads of weekly laundry with the help of my little "laundry basket" baby who loved to watch the flames in the wood stove and feel the nice heat !!!

After her afternoon feeding she took a nice nap in this little bed all snuggled in a warm blanket while I took all the ornaments off the living room tree. Christmas is slowly going away in my house !!
The weather outside has been a bit frightful today as the high temp was 37  and the snow flurries got pretty heavy later this afternoon but nothing sticking on the ground here. First snowflakes of this winter season !!

D-in-love came in from work and fed g-daughter then left her and g-son here and went to the grocery store alone so they wouldn't have to get out in the cold.

He is a good big brother and loves her so much.
She said "you may be much bigger than me but I can bite your nose" !!!!!
After she came after them hubbie and I braved the cold temps and wind to get the evening chores done and everything bedded down as warm as we could get them. The temp is mid teens tonight with wind so it is going to be a raw night out there.Thankfully after a couple cold days and nights the temps are going back up.
Some schools in counties just north of us let school out early today as the roads got pretty snow covered and slick quickly.
Thankful tonight for a warm home and all the blessings of this day. God knows best and I trust Him fully !!
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Your g-daughter looks so cute sitting in the laundry basket. That was one of my son's favorite places to sit when he was that age. Don't remember my grandson being a laundry basket person though. Stay safe on your slippery roads. Blessings