Friday, January 15, 2016


Daylight seemed to have hit the delay switch several times on this cloudy rainy morning. As I got g-daughter settled down and back to dreamland I rested on the couch with Bernie and Dolly (the 4-legged kids) and watched the morning light struggle to appear through the thick clouds.
Finally dragging myself out in a pouring rain to get the morning chores done.
After I had breakfast g-daughter woke up. She had shots yesterday and was a bit out of sorts today.
After she ate she watched me bake a pound cake and an applesauce cake for an order tomorrow.
After lunch she went back to sleep and slept the afternoon away hopefully to make her feel better.
I spent the time watering all the plants downstairs , cleaning out the frig, and working once again in my office. The throw away pile is getting really large of things that need to be out of there !!!
#1 son got off work early today in the constant hard rain and came and picked g-daughter up at 3:30.
The hard rains of the day left 1 3/4inch of rain in the gauge today and the creek is licking the bank tops this evening.
Just as I finished chores in the rain the rain stop and the sun came out long enough for this beautiful rainbow to form.
 This has been a strange Friday night with no cakes to ice . I have spent it resting after this hectic week and being thankful that the stomach virus that caused the hecticness hasn't caught up with me or hubbie yet.
Daughter text me from Smokey Mountain High school to tell me both her teams lost tonight and they were leaving to drive home through all the thick fog and snow showers. Praying for traveling mercies for them.
No snow here as it is still 40 degrees at 10:00.
Back in January 1966 the snow was really bad here. I remember not going to school for weeks in the month of January that year and my dad shoveling a path to the barn that I could barely see out of.
This is some pics from the old albums of the snow that month.
 My youngest brother Rick eating some snow.
Snow piled on the side of the road going by our farm and our ice covered pond.
Thankful for the memories of these olden times that make me more appreciative of how hard and different life was 50 years ago.
Mom canned all our food and we had a big "sass" hole in the yard that they dug potatoes, apples and other cold crop vegetables out of. We also had a freezer full of beef and chicken that I remember being placed out in the frozen snow on many power outage occasions and usually a salted hog hanging in the barn loft to tide us through these times. We didn't worry about getting to the store or going anywhere when the roads got bad because we didn't go anywhere anyway !!!!
The only thing I remember the slick roads hindering was my mother's milk customers who couldn't get up our hill to buy the fresh milk she sold. I remember one man walking all the way up to the house and as he started back down the hill with 2 gallons of milk he slipped and fell and the milk went sliding down the drive. My dad hurried to him , helped him up and got him and his milk down to his car on a homemade sled we had.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and thankful for the appreciation of the "hard" life that used to be the norm around these mountains.
God Bless and Good Night

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