Thursday, January 28, 2016


7am phone call saying g-daughter was on her way up the drive !!!  Uhhhh, some mornings are a lot harder than others. This morning is hard because I was still awake until almost 3am with a stuffed up nose and who knows what else was going on, I was too tired to figure it out !!
Thankfully g-daughter fussed herself back to sleep and we slept until 8:30 , giving me a few extra zzz's.
I fed her and she was much happier today than yesterday so she sat in her swing and entertained herself while I went out to do the morning chores.
There is a super heavy frost this morning which I later found out was actually "frozen fog" . At 27 degrees the heavy misty fog froze creating some tricky driving in some places, lucky that school was already on a delay !!
After breakfast I did weekly paperwork and payed some bills. We had lunch then got ready to do the weekly errands and some shopping.
G-daughter was ready for the trip !!!
She was a good shopping partner and loved sitting in the buggy seat so she could look all around and of course flash that unresistable  grin she flashes at everyone.( except me when I aim a camera at her)
There is still a lot of snow piled around the streets and business in town.

G-daughter and I got home just ahead of her mom and they were off to do some errands of their own this afternoon.
The statistics are out on last weeks snow storm, placing it 8th in the most snowfall for our area.
It is so funny to keep up with some of this winter's weather predictions. Just a couple days ago I posted a predictive map that said we were going to be warmer than average in February but after today's updated prediction that has changed to this !!!
Oh well, only time will tell !!!!
After hubbie and I did the chores this evening and had supper we rested.  I am tired as I always am after g-daughter's and I's Thursday shopping trips but daughter sent me this news story that made my evening !!!!
Thankful tonight for the opportunity to be active in my grandkids lives and watch them grow up. As always I am grateful for all the undeserved blessing s of everyday.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Sorry to hear you had trouble sleeping. Praying you're not coming down with something. G-daughter sure has a cute smile - what a wonderful shopping partner. Have a great weekend and God bless you and your family.