Monday, January 18, 2016


BRRRR !!!!  A cold morning at 17 degrees as I get out and try to break all the ice in the water pans.
Back inside I grabbed a protein bar just as daughter came in bringing g-son to stay with Pawpaw today while we make another trip to Spartanburg SC to pick up her veil and let d-in-love and Re try on bridesmaid dresses. She brought me my favorite cup of Opra Chi tea latte from Starbucks. Schools are closed today for Martin Luther King day so this an opportunity we can't pass up.
We picked up d-in-love on the way out and were on our way south by 9:00. BB has a drs. appointment at 9:00 this morning so Re is meeting us back at the Westgate mall where David's Bridal shop is.
The bridal shop that has the veil is farther south than the mall so we figured we could make it back at the same time to meet Re. We stopped to feed Ruby once on the way there as she is not a good traveling companion when she is hungry.
We killed a few minutes in a Kirkland's decor store waiting for David's bridal to open. Daughter found some large drink holding jars at a good sale price and also a couple picture frames for the reception. I found a stepping stool for EL so she can reach the water in the bathroom sink to wash her own hands, a candle that smells wonderful and a rooster lazy susan. Re also found a couple things.
It is a good thing Re and d-in-love went to try on the dress because they both wound up getting different dresses than they thought they would like !!
Re thought she was getting this style.....

D-in-love thought she was getting this one...

They both wound up liking this style better.

Little EL wanted to get in on all this dress trying on and we all got a good laugh when she quietly came out of the dressing room with this dress on !!!!
She found a really cute hair bow.
G-daughter watched all the excitement comfortably in her stroller for a while.
Then she wanted to be out a while so daughter held her.
These two had a good time with all the mirrors !!!
BB was helping me push the stroller.......
We went from there to the food court in the mall to have lunch. After we ate EL got to ride in the "Bob The Builder" machine....  It took both Re and daughter to get this thing going but it finally roared to life to the delight of EL.

Re and the kids headed back up the mountain after this and the rest of us went to Belk's for me to check out a couple dresses I had seen online . They had one of them and I loved it but it had sequins on it which I didn't notice online and those sequins in the bright sunlight would have been blinding so I'll keep looking.
We made it back at 3:15 and daughter headed out to basketball practice.
G-son and his Pawpaw had a good day of fun and games and he wanted to stay a little longer but went home to see his sister willingly.
The high temperature today has been 29 but the sunshine made it feel less chilling.
Hubbie wanted to go to Sam's Club and get a couple things so we went there and then checked the sale racks at Belks but didn't find much. I did find a new pair of snow boots on sale at a good price.
At chore time this evening I broke the ice again so the animals could get a drink before they headed inside for the night.
It is 18 degrees tonight at 10:00 and with 9 degrees and lower  lows the chill factor in the morning is going into the dangerous levels of -5  to  -20  degrees. My prayers go out to anyone and anything that is out in this cold tonight.
 After a light supper I worked on weekly paperwork and payed bills. With the forecast starting Wednesday calling for snow I need to get all this weeks business done tomorrow.
None of the weather forecasters will totally commit to how much or exactly where the snow will fall but there is no sense taking chances !!
Thankful to God for traveling mercies today and for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Those are some very pretty dresses. Looks like the kids had a good time also. This cold weather is starting to really get me down. I don't like being cooped up. So far since it started we have had two people die. One was an elderly lady who slipped and fell on her way to her mailbox,and then froze to death. The other was a young lady (totally underdressed for the cold temps) leaving a party - she just plain froze to death. This is so sad. Have a great day and Blessings