Friday, January 22, 2016


They said it would and it did !!!!!  Winter storm Jonas will go down in the history books !!
Governor McCroy put the entire state under a state of emergency and our county officials also declared a state of emergency beginning at midnight causing many business's to close including the Post Office so all of my family got to spend this day safely inside off the slick roads.
As I went to bed last night the sleep pellets were pouring down pounding the metal roof so that they could be heard over the running shower.
We woke to a wonderland this morning, about 6.5 inches of snow and still snowing.
My beautiful snowday !!!!!!

The chickens did not agree that this was a wonderful day !!!!
Drivers also did not agree as DOT did not get around to scraping our road today !!!

 Me with Annie headed to #1 son's house .

G-daughter's first snow experience !!!!!

Riding the "bucking bronco" in the snow !!!!  This leaned over , curling tree limb provides g-son with a perfect bronco ride with soft snow to fall in.

The creek filled with large icicles floating by.
Snowball making !!!
 The farm !!!
The fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!

It starting pouring snow again this afternoon and ran us inside.
Hot chocolate............. this is soooo good !!!

And snow cream , with or without chocolate syrup !!!

As I did evening chores the snow was noticeably deeper ....
D-in-love brought up some hamburger and we made a big pot of delicious vegetable soup for supper tonight. Sadly Re and EL came down with the stomach bug this morning and missed today's fun day.
G-son 's snow fun had him hungry also.
And g-daughter played in the "bouncy seat" for the first time tonight and loved it.

It is still snowing tonight at 11:00 with a temperature of 26 degrees but thankfully we have kept our electric and are toasty warm with fires in both wood stoves.
Thankful for the wonderful blessings of this day and very humbled to be able to continue making such precious memories with my kids and grandkids.
When snow falls it makes me think of the wonderful power of God and how He in the swipe of His wondrous nail scared hand can place a white blanket over parts of the world causing a wonderful, quiet, calm peace that has no rival !!!
God Bless and Good Night.

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Stay warm and safe.