Sunday, January 17, 2016


Well I suppose this morning's weather is somewhere between the 2 weather predictions that I posted last night. At our place there is very little snow on the ground but as it is still falling it is sticking to the trees and bushes to make a pretty sight and hiding the mountains in a thick veil of falling snowflakes.

Daughter called and said she probably wasn't going to try it out of her development because she had more snow than we did and was afraid of more black ice this morning on the road she lives on. This is her neighbor's house.
Hubbie went to take care of their Sunday school class while I did the chores and added the potatoes, carrots and onions to our pot roast that had been cooking all night in the crock pot.
By the time I left for church all the snow was gone and the sun was shining in the 38 degree temps.
The sermon today was from Genesis right at the beginning.
G-son was good at entertaining g-daughter until he left for kid's church.
At lunch today we had #1 son's family , Aa's family and daughter. We had pot roast with potatoes and carrots, corn , green beans and biscuits with sweet tea to drink. Everyone had a nice visit and the kids all played well together today. EL wanted to be a "toy" !!!
As's family went home early for the kids to get naps, daughter played with g-son outside and the rest of us watched the football game between the Panthers and the Seahawks which the Panthers won.
With the score at half time , Panthers 31- Seahawks 0 and a final score of Panthers 31- Seahawks 24 it was an interesting game !!!
After they all left it was time for the evening chores and it is definitely getting colder outside this evening. With below 0 wind chill predicted for in the morning we are going into the deep freeze for a couple days, brrrrr  !!!
Hubbie and I relaxed the evening away and watched some TV then I blogged.
This Sunday has been a nice blessed Sunday and I keep thanking the Lord for the special time He is giving me right now and pray everyday for His guidance in all that I do as I strive to do His will and glorify His Holy Name.
God Bless and Good Night


linda m said...

We are in the deep freezer here. Woke up this morning to -7 degrees outside. With the wind chill factored in it is -20. Too cold for my blood. This is when I hibernate and just stay inside. Your Sunday dinner sounded really good. We had leftover turkey and gravy (frozen since Thanksgiving). Keep warm and blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, I don't comment on ANY blogs much anymore (just no time it seems)--but I do try to read the blogs I love --like yours... Sounds like you all are doing well so far in 2016... We missed all of the bad weather and snow --but snow and ICE (horrors) is predicted on Wed night I think... GADS--please no more damaging ice storms here this year!

We are fine --other than the fact that I am dealing with some major dental problems presently... Tis life I guess as I AGE... ha