Friday, January 1, 2016

WELCOME 2016 !!!!

As this first morning of 2016 dawned clear with a 37 degree temperature it was nice to get out and welcome in the new year while breathing in the nice mountain fresh air.
I had changed some hens into different houses last night and they were all glad to get out in the bigger lots this morning.
After hubbie and I had breakfast I put the pork shoulder in the oven. It weighs 12 pounds and will take close to 4 hours to cook. We are having lunch at 1:00 today to give everyone a chance to sleep in this morning.
We got an early visit from #2 son and Tif with the latest addition to their family....  Meet Bear !!!
He is a six week old Pomeranian puppy that #2 son got Tif or Christmas but did not come into the pet shop until this morning. She looks like she got what she wanted for Christmas even if it was late !!!
We had our typical new years day lunch of pork, blackeyed peas and collard greens with corn bread on the side.
Yum Yum  , Health, wealth and luck with a little gold on the side couldn't hurt !!!  #1 son, d-in-love and the kids, Aa and Re and their kids were our guest today for the traditional southern new years day meal.
After we ate Aa's family went home to get the kids naps while #1 son went to help hubbie put his new mud flaps that they all gave him for Christmas on his truck while d-in-love and I got interested in watching the 1998 version of the "Parent Trap" movie.
G-daughter spent the afternoon doing what she does best !!!!

G-son played with Zoey, Josh's little dog. He thought she was fun to lead all around the place.

About 250 folks braved the cooler temps today and welcomed in the new year by joining in the Polar Plunge in Lake Lure this morning. I'm sure the water temperature was a lot warmer this year than in some of the recent past years !!
After #1 son's family had left overs with us for supper they went home and we did the chores and hubbie built a fire in the downstairs wood stove to help keep warm on this first below freezing night in a long time . The temps are getting back to normal for the beginning of the new year.
For the evening hubbie and I relaxed and counted our blessings as we are grateful to be entering 2016 and looking forward to what God has in store for us this year.
I love this saying !!

God Bless and Good Night.


Gail said...

Happy New Year. May your blessings continue.

Betsy Adams said...

Happy New Year to you and the family, Marilyn. Hope 2016 is an awesome year for all. God Bless You.