Sunday, January 3, 2016


Slept in a little this Sunday morning. As cold weather sets in it makes it harder to crawl out of that warm spot in the bed !!!
After chores and breakfast I got ready for church. I got out my warm sweater boots and wore them for the first time today. I was beginning to think that I wouldn't be needing these really warm boots this year but that time has arrived !!
I held g-daughter all through church as d-in-love was involved in the music today. Our associate pastor gave the message today while the senior pastor is on a mission trip.  #1 son was getting a table from #2 son's that belonged to d-in-love's mom loaded and ready to exchange for the bigger table she was now using so he missed church today. Daughter went to Biltmore church with Josh after Sunday school and so it was just hubbie and I with d-in-love and g-daughter and Aa and Re and the kids at church on this first Sunday of 2016.
We had a big crock pot of chili ready when church was over and Aa's family and daughter and Josh were here to help us enjoy it with a big cake of cornbread.
After everyone left I took down more Christmas decorations. I already have some ideas to change some things around in the house for the coming year so I'm ready to have Christmas all cleared and packed away !!
#1 son's family came up for a left over chili supper with us tonight. They went down to celebrate d-in-love's mom's birthday at lunch today.  We all watched the Panther's football game which they won.
Everyone is dreading the getting back to normal school routine tomorrow. G-daughter is staying with me full time now until d-in-loves' dad gets better.  I'm wondering what it will be like for her to be away from her mommy after these last 2 weeks ????
These first three days of 2016 have been blessing filled for our family as we are all well and happy. Unlike many folks who live near the Mississippi river who have lost their homes in what is historical flooding. In places the River is cresting at almost 50 feet above flood stage !!

Even the famed Branson, Missouri  is under water from all the rains in lat December and the flooding is gradually moving south down the Mississippi river reaching other states and towns and the flooding will continue for a couple more weeks.
Like I said I feel blessed so far into this year !!!
Our weather has been cool but beautiful again today with temps in the mid 40's and sunshine. A clipper system is coming in overnight and predicted high for tomorrow is 34 degrees with mid teens for the next couple nights. Welcome January !!!!!
Praising God tonight from who all blessings flow !!!
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I too feel blessed so far this new year as hubby (who has a bad hip) was able to help me clear our snow fall. I can't use a snowblower (no strength) so that has always been his job. He was able to do so when we had our snow fall and I helped shovel the sidewalks. today was hubby's first day back to work after a two week vacation and I can get my life back to normal. Blessings to you. Praying for all those affected by the flooding