Thursday, January 21, 2016


Today must be the "calm before the storm" as I got an extra hour of sleep this morning when school was delayed 2 hours for the black ice that formed from the snow fall yesterday.
As I did the morning chores with the beautiful sunshine in the crystal blue skies it is hard to believe what things will look like tomorrow at this time if the forecast is correct.

G-daughter stayed awake this morning but was content to play in her seat and watch me as I caught up several small task that had been put off.
After lunch she took a good nap and I tried again to get Windows 10 downloaded on my laptop.My first try yesterday didn't work so I changed some settings and am trying it again.
I also decided to put the photographs I have printed into albums this afternoon. These are from last January and February , (yea , i'm a little behind) !!!
When g-daughter woke from her nap we got in some play and some practice sitting up.
She did really well until she discovered how much fun it was to flop over on the soft couch !!!
She also did a few push-ups to work on her arm strength !!!!  I like strong girls !!!!
As she rolled around laughing and doing all these cute things on her little quilt I noticed what the writing on the quilt said and thought about how appropriate this little saying is !!!
D-in-love took g-son to Walmart after school to get him a pair of boots to wear in the snow so I got extra time with this "small wonder"  today.
We watched the birds out the window and the 45 degree temperature was almost inviting enough to sit out on the porch, almost !!!
After they went home g-daughter got her first cereal tonight and loved it. And I'm sure g-son loved getting to feed her .
The temperature tonight at 10:30 is still 38 degrees, we are surely hoping the forecast is correct and we will get snow instead of ice.
 We are now in the 12-18 inch band of snow for our area.
Many states are under the winter storm warning tonight.
To continue the snowy January decade pictures these are my babies back in January of 1976.
I had 2 poodles, Jaque was a white adopted male and Ginger was a grey adopted female.

I also had a female Doberman Pincher named Dixie who was my watchdog.
This was the single wide trailer I lived in on some property I bought from my dad. It is in the same place as #1 son's house is today.

Praying that God be with us in the coming stormy days and show me the grace and wisdom that is needed to do what needs to be done to get everything through the storm. God is always with us .
God Bless and Good Night


linda m said...

Praying that y'all are safe and warm during this winter storm. Good luck with your download of Windows 10. Tried an upgrade on my computer a couple of months ago and it didn't work. My processor was too old - need a newer computer. Have a good weekend and God bless you and keep you.

Betsy Adams said...

Hope the storm is not TOO bad your direction.. We got 2 inches on Wednesday and about 2 inches so far today.. We could get more tonight and in the morning--but probably not much.. It's turning VERY cold.

Your granddaughter is gorgeous. I can see a resemblance between her and her brother...

Stay SAFE.