Wednesday, January 20, 2016


The darkness at 7am this morning was the reminder of the impending double snow storms that are headed our way.
After I got g-daughter settled in to a nice morning nap I fed the wood stoves and let the downstairs dogs out for the day. As I did the chores outside and continued my water carrying and ice breaking duties I noticed the air surely felt like an impending snow storm.
I refilled all the bird feeders so all my little feathered friends could get a nice belly full to weather the storms.
"Big Red"  has become my ground seed vacuum under the feeders. I guess he is better than the bushy tailed bandits that usually do this job. At least Big Red doesn't try to climb up on the feeders, or not yet anyway !!!
After breakfast I started the weekly laundry, since this is usually a Monday job, I figured today was a good day to catch up.
G-daughter was in a much better mood today than yesterday and was content to play and watch things around her.
After lunch I decided to do some internet work that is behind. First I tried to download my next blog book. I tried to download 6 months on my laptop and it wouldn't take all the photos. It said the system was incompatable. I decided to try downloading Windows 10 on the laptop and try it again before going back to the 3 month volume. This down load is taking a very long time, I sure hope it is worth it.
Since that tied up my laptop I decided to get out my outside modem and catch up my photo down loads on it. I had stopped at the end of July so that didn't take long to catch that up thru the end of the year.
I got a text message from daughter saying school was getting out at 2:00 because of the snow that is coming. And almost right to the minute the snow started pouring down. They probably should have let school out earlier ,hopefully everyone will get home safely.

This is my back yard about 15 minutes after the snow started.....
 And this is at 3:00 after an hour of snowfall.

D-in-love came after g-daughter about 3:30 and hubbie came in from work about the same time.
Daughter made a stop at the grocery store but she also got home safely without incedent as did everyone else, thank you Lord !
Some roads got bad quickly with all the cold temps we have had this week.
This is a scene I usually see in late February or March , rarely in January do I see blooming Daffodils covered with snow in my yard !!!
As I did the evening chores the snow had passed through leaving a very slick dusting on the ground. I almost fell twice before I got back inside !!
With all the next snow storm predictions it looks like we are getting ready to get slammed with a lot of snow. I just hope we don't have much of the ice before the snow starts.

The entire area is under a winter storm watch.
At least tomorrow is going to be a precipitation free day until the evening hours giving everyone more time to prepare for the worst as the temperature gets to 40 degrees for the first time this week.
Hubbie used his extra time this evening to gather fire wood in so he wouldn't have to get out in the deep snow to carry it.
I am pretty stocked up on our supplies and animal feed. Hubbie needs to get more gasoline for our generator in case the power goes out and we will be ready. Our generator is a small one but we use it mainly for our big freezer so we don't loose all the food in it.
The weather wizards are calling this storm a "historical event". All I can think about when they say that is the history making flooding rains back in the Fall that washed out roads in SC and closed main interstates for weeks. Proving that weather history is rewritten everyday somewhere.
Praying that God protect us and that the storm will pass through with minor difficulty.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I am praying that God will keep you and your family safe during this upcoming bad storm.