Monday, January 25, 2016


Another cold, 22 degrees , morning kept things interesting around here. The snow is frozen now and the melting yesterday is solid slippery ice this morning . Carefully navigating my previous tracks in the snow was the only way I didn't slip down this morning !!!
The road is still a mess for the morning commuters, be careful out there !!!
Re had to go to a class this morning at the hospital so EL and BB came to spend the morning with hubbie and I.
D-in-love also came up so g-son could sled with EL while BB took his morning nap. They had more fun on the slick snow in the driveway.
G-son gets airborne over the hump in the road !!!!
 He liked this sled as he learned fast how to turn it and go farther down the driveway.

 Looks like a sled race !!!!!!!

Love these smiling faces !!!!!!!

 Back inside to warm up and have lunch BB enjoys g-son's attention !!
 And g-daughter got her share of attention  from the two bigs also !!!!

Another fun filled snow day.
Not so much fun for other members of the family as both sons had to work today along with Aa and Josh got a ride into his job.
The temperature got up to 47 this afternoon and the melting continued and the DOT finally got around to scraping our road which was good and bad. Good because they got all the icy slush off it and bad because it piled up in all the driveways blocking folks out with a pile of stiff icy snow. Hubbie shoveled for a couple hours unblocking our drive and mailboxes.
I spent the afternoon after all the kidos left doing 3 loads of weekly laundry and some housework.
School is closed again tomorrow because DOT just hasn't had time to get to all the roads yet and with more winter weather predicted for Wednesday who knows when schools will get open again.
After chores tonight hubbie and I watched a Duke / Miami b-ball game which Miami won.
In January 1996 daughter had gotten a camera for Christmas and was snapping away catching #2 son and I with not so becoming expressions but they are funny !!!

A snowy scene from one of our cattle pastures that year with Bearwallow Mt in the background.
Daughter's pet gerbils ..........
Daughter with Pepper .....
And another of our dogs that year was Sweetie a miniture Sheltie.
Another thankful day comes to an end with all my family safe from the ice and cold. I am thankful for all the blessings of this day and for the love of a gracious Savior.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I love all the sledding pictures. When I was young I loved doing that. Now days my back won't allow me. Can't believe the DOT still hasn't finished clearing all the roads around your area. Our snowplows love to deposit all the snow in our driveway as well. Last time they did that hubby almost broke the snowblower trying to dig us out. Stay safe Blessings