Monday, February 6, 2017


Another beautiful winter day that feels more like spring !!
G-daughter arrived at 7am to get this week off to an early start. Hubbie got up with her but I got up shortly afterward to get things done and get ready for my mammogram appointment at 10:45 in Asheville.
Some times I am just awed by how things work out for me and can only thank the Lord for these times.
After I did chores and had breakfast I started to get ready for the trip to Asheville when this thought entered my mind that maybe since I made this appointment last year when I had a mammogram and since I had received no appointment reminder calls or texts that I should call to make sure of the appointment.   And sure enough the girl at the Brest Center Office said I was not on their appointment book for today. I told her I had an appointment card so she looked to see if they could fit me in.
At their office in Fletcher they had a 3:00 appointment opening today so after she told me they had the same machines there I took that appointment . At least I will still get it done today !!
I did 3 loads of laundry all morning and helped hubbie with g-daughter.
It was such a nice day with a 68 degree temp it was to nice to stay inside.
I took the first bag of shredded papers up to the feed shed to be used in the hens nest and g-daughter had to go along to say hello to the hens while I cleaned out all the empty feed bags from the shed.

Hubbie carried all of the empty bags to the barn to save to put down in the garden this year to prevent weeds and this little miss had to tag along even if her little legs took alot longer to get her there !!!

She loves the outdoors and loved to slide on all the slides with absolutely no fear !!!

She rode in the wagon and on this old tricycle while we were enjoying the warm sunshine.

We came back inside to have lunch and then she and hubbie took a nap while I got ready for my mammogram.
I was disappointed when I got there and received the news that they did not have the same machines as the main office I have been going to and could not do the 3-D mammography that I have had done in previous years. But she said if I get called back I will have to go to the main office. Hopefully a call won't come this year.
I stopped at the Ingles in Fletcher on the way home and picked up 3 rotisserie chickens to take to Aa and Re's for their supper tonight. Re drove down last night to spend the week home with Aa and the kids.
I came home and did chores early and then hubbie and I along with d-in-love, g-son and g-daughter headed over to see them and take their supper.
G-son and EL took right up where they left off and BB stayed glued to Pawpaw the whole time.
And g-daughter was content to sit on this little couch and watch all the action !!!
It was so good to see them again and have a nice relaxing visit.  Daughter and Josh came also so everyone got to catch up. D-in-love left to get g-son to his Cub-Scout meeting and then about 6:45 hubbie and I came home so that hubbie could get to a nominating team meeting at church leaving Josh and daughter there to visit alone which was good. I know daughter has probably missed Re the most as she could have asked Re who is a registered labor and delivery nurse  all her unanswered questions about her pregnancy.  I'm glad they had some alone time to re-connect.
I am tired tonight from the day and headed for an early bedtime as I finish this at 10:00.
Thankful to God for the blessings of this day and for His touch at times in my life when I need a little nudge.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Hope all your results come back - no problem. I'll bet it was good to see Re and the kids. I pray for her, Aa and the children every day that they can get this issue resolved soon. Blessings.