Saturday, February 11, 2017


Up early and feeling a little dizzy this morning from being all stopped up in my nose and sinus. I felt better as I pushed through chores and got ready for market wondering why every time I feel not so good it is a market day ???
Market was okay today but not what I expected for the Saturday before Valentines.  A couple of friends stopped by today and visited helping me pass the slow day's time.
Daughter and Josh met hubbie at market about 11:30 and they went after a chest of drawers daughter bought and hauled it here to store it in the storage shed until she gets her nursery in order at her house. She is using the chest of drawers for a changing table.
I left market at 2:00 and made a stop at Walgreens to restock our Red Yeast rice supply and a couple other supplements I take while they had BOGO sales going on. Hubbie has been taking the Red Yeast rice along with me since his cholesterol went higher than normal again. He had it checked again today at Sam's club while he was there and it has dropped over 50 points so this stuff really works !!!  We each take 2 a day of these.

I went from Walgreens to the East Henderson high school gym where g-son was playing basketball today.
They played the best team in the league and got soundly beat but g-son had a good day and was smiling and having fun for a change. He scored 3 of their 9 points.
Shooting a lay-up in warm ups.
Listening to his dad the coach !
Shooting and hitting 2 technical foul shots !!!!
Listening to coach Jeff !!
Ready for the ball !!
Smiles are so good !
Getting a high 5 from baby sister !!
Sister getting to be part of the bench !!  She loves her "brudder" so much !!!

This was a fun game even if they lost and they are improving each game and played so hard today.
We left the game, came home and unloaded and then rested for a few minutes until choretime.
The temperature today was 73 degrees, one degree short of the record 74 .
Crazy temps for February and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer if the rain doesn't get in here too soon. It is already getting cloudy tonight and holding the temp at 51 degrees at 11:00.
Thankful tonight for the blessings of this day and for family and friends that surround me every day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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