Sunday, February 12, 2017


Wow , 60+ degrees already at chore time this morning !!
Church was good today. It was the last sermon from our interim pastor, David Horton and it was from the book of John 6, 1-14 , miracles can and do happen everyday.
At lunch #1 son's family and Aa joined us for spaghetti and toast. After lunch everyone left and hubbie and I enjoyed a nice restful Sunday afternoon. We sat out in the covered patio for awhile until the wind got too bad.
I have a new furry friend to sit with out here since he ran all the dogs away !!!
We had a new record set today for the high temperature. Blowing by the 95 year old record of 73 by 5 degrees and on one map I saw Hendersonville actually reached 80 this afternoon compared to the air ports official  78.

By choretime this evening a sprinkle of rain and clouds cooled things down significantly and the winds have really gotten up this evening.
After chores we relaxed again to finish out the lazy Sunday. There is so many outside things that need to be done but we choose to use this Sunday as a day of rest to refuel for the week ahead.
God is good and I thank Him each day for His goodness and grace for me and all His children.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Wow, what a lovely warm day. We had it rather warm up here in WI also - hit 50 degrees. Very strange weather for February though. God is good. Blessings