Friday, February 24, 2017


Up and out this morning to get this Friday started !!!
After chores, and breakfast I took a walk in the very nice already 50+ degree sunny morning. I noticed all the color already around at the end of February this year. There have been years in the past that we have had some of these early blooms but I can't remember anytime recently that all of these blooms and growth were this early.
Of course there is still some Daffodil blossoms that aren't spent yet.

The Forsythia is starting to really fill with bright yellow blossoms.
Speaking of yellow , there is many Dandelions poking their sweet little heads out of the warming ground.
Along with these bright yellow Shamrock dainty blooms.
The color purple gets a good start with this Periwinkle along the driveway banks.
And all three of our Plum trees are bursting with blooms.

Down in the edge of the pasture this tree is a beautiful bright spot full of blooms.

The Iris are more than 6 inches tall now and the roses are starting to leaf out.

 After my walk I took a break with a cup of hot green tea and had devotions before starting the baking for the day.
I baked 2 chocolate layer cakes, 4 pound cakes and 2 pans of brownies.
With this finished for the day I tackled out taxes for one last time and got them finished , YES !!!
With 4 whole days left in the "tax" month of February all my taxes are filed and we are awaiting our refunds !!!!  Another big YES !!!
When hubbie came home I was sitting on the front porch enjoying my extra 15 minutes before chore time . The warm sunshine feels very good today.
We did chores and then hubbie put a couple steaks on the grill for our supper tonight. While they cooked #1 son's family came by to pick up g-son's new bike. He is spending the night with Josh and daughter tonight so they all can get up really early and go riding tomorrow morning.
After we ate we gave Dolly some medicine for her upset tummy as she has had really soft stool for a couple days now and has had to go outside about every hour today. Bless her little heart she isn't acting sick and is eating and drinking so we have no idea what is going on. I gave her some medicine to hopefully combat an infection if she has one.
Daughter , Josh and g-son were having so much fun tonight playing this game !!!

It's always good for g-son to get away and be the only child every now and then !!!
I saw this on the news today and am proud of our county but I also wonder how long it will be before protestors will demand these words come down even though these words are on all the money they have been spending on the paper and ink to create their protest signs !!!
By the way this is the old historic courthouse !!
God is the Anchor that we need not just in our county but in the country and the entire world right now more than ever !!
God Bless and Good Night.

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Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, We too are having Spring. --and hubby brought some Daffodils inside for me yesterday. BUT--it's going down to 24 here tonight... SO???? Not sure the Hyacinths can make it.... Oh Well--we always have this problem when we have a very early spring...

We played that crazy game with our family over Christmas.... FUN ---but not easy!!!!! ha

Hope you all have stayed away from the horrible respiratory bug going around... I have had it. NO FUN.