Tuesday, February 14, 2017



G-daughter and I got our day started about 7:15 this morning. She had her breakfast and I had coffee before taking her to play school for the morning.
She was hesitant to stay this morning but soon got distracted by all the toys and other kids there allowing me to slip out the door without her noticing.  She's funny she doesn't cry but just follows me around reaching up when she knows I'm headed for the door.
I came home and did chores a little late but at least it had warmed up some.
I had my breakfast and then did a walking video as I am still cold and the temp outside is only 42.
By the time I rested a few minutes and had devotions after my walk it was time to head to town to pick up g-daughter. The pick-up circle at the church was blocked so I had to walk in from the pick-up line and get her out of her class. She was ready to go home or rather I think she was ready for a nap as she went to sleep as soon as we started moving.
She woke up as soon as I stopped at home and we had lunch together.
She was back to her playful self for the afternoon.
Little did hubbie and I  know when we bought this little criss cross crash race track for g-son's Christmas several years ago how many kidos would follow him and enjoy this little track.
G-daughter makes the 4th so far that has gotten great enjoyment from these little cars racing around these curves.

She started running from the play room to the living room laughing all the way. She soon pooped out since she had only that 30 minute nap on the way home from play school.
She was ready to rest and by the time her mom got here to pick her up she was almost asleep.
When I picked her up from play school today she had made this Valentines Day card and I thought it was so special .  She is truly one of my special Valentines !!!
After she left I carried all the shreds from the years shredding up to the hen house feed shed to be used in the nest and floors of the chicken houses. I had three large bags this year with the bigger shredder.
After hubbie came home we watched the early news then did chores. The clouds have moved in this evening and the temperature is dropping quickly from the 61 degree high into the lower 50's .
I have been feeling dizzy and all stopped up in my nose and head for several days and today the weather man gave a pollen report . This is very unusual for February !!!   So I guess this is what is making me feel like I do !!!!
Hubbie and I had supper then spent the evening relaxing.
Thankful for the blessing of this day and for the love of God, family and friends on this Valentines Day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Such a special little "Valentine". Can't believe you are being affected by pollen this early in the season. Wow, what a crazy winter. Blessings