Monday, February 20, 2017


Monday mornings always get off to an early start for the week as g-daughter arrives at 7am. Thankfully I get to doze back off while hubbie fixes g-daughter her breakfast and wait for it to get more daylight before going outside to get the chores done.
After I had my breakfast I got the weekly laundry started while hubbie played with g-daughter.
We took turns all morning getting our work done and taking turns playing with g-daughter.
After lunch I turned the dryer off on my last load of laundry and we all went to the park to walk on the trail we usually ride bikes on. It isn't as nice as predicted today but the 68 degree cloudy day feels too nice to spend inside !!
G-daughter has fought a nap all day so we figured this would make her tired enough to take a good nap.
She insisted on walking with us for a long way which was good for her.
 Hah !  She thinks she is alot bigger than she is !!!!!

We saw our first snake today and g-daughter ran to pick it up !!!!   Thankfully it had been ran over and was dead.
She enjoys everything so much and stops to investigate everything along the way. If you lost your glasses on the trail g-daughter found them for you under this bench, but we convinced her to leave them alone so you could go back and get them !!!
She was always playing catch-up from her sometimes really close-up investigations !!!!!
The trail was almost empty of other folks today which made it really nice to let her enjoy herself.
Finally she wanted to ride in the stroller and hubbie and I got a good workout. We walked over a mile down the trail and then when g-daughter started to get fussy again we headed back. We let her try walking again but when a couple with their dog met us going the other way g-daughter pitched a fit to go with the dog !!!!  Now she's tired and mad !!!!!
It was a beautiful day for a walk not too hot with the cloud cover and lots of winter scenery .

We passed by the county mulch yard and g-daughter liked to watch the big machines work.
We got in the Honda and she was asleep before we got out of the parking lot. She slept for about an hour until her mom and brother came to pick her up.
A beautiful sunset ended this really nice day.

I did chores and had supper then after watching the news on TV I finished daughter's taxes.
This has been a good day and tonight I feel ready for bed with my tired legs.
Thankful for the blessings from God today and for opportunities to glorify His name.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

There is nothing better than a nice long walk in the park. A person sleeps so much better at night. Blessings