Thursday, February 16, 2017


Up and off to market this morning. I have a couple orders today so I want to get there close to on time.
Thankful for the orders because that was about all I sold today. My orders totaled $29 and my total for the day was $40. After looking at these empty aisles until 12:30 I packed up and ran my errands.
I wanted to get home early to unload and get ready to go with daughter to her doctor's appointment today. She was having the glucose test today and they advised her to bring a driver in case the stuff she had to drink made her sick.
I only had to make stops at the bank, the PO and Aldi today so I was home by 2:00.
She had a meeting at school and got here around 2:35 so I was ready to go when she arrived.
We didn't hit any traffic so we made it to her 3:00 appointment with a couple minutes to spare.
She saw the new nurse Practitioner Cherie and she was really nice. Daughter had the glucose test and didn't get even a little sick so we were glad of that. After she drank the orange drink they gave her she had to wait an hour before they took her blood to check her levels.
We left picked her up some salty fries to counter the sweetness she drank and I got a salad for my supper to eat when we got home.
We made it home at 5:00 so that wasn't as late as we had expected.
I ate my salad while we visited and then she went home and I did chores.
I was watching the news when I looked out the front window and saw this pretty sky from the reflecting setting sun. I thought how lucky I am to have this view out my window.
Tonight I am going to finish the decade pics for this month with February 2007.
G-son was a spoiled little boy and was very happy with all the attention he was getting.

One boring evening during that month my girls wanted to fix my make-up and hair and this was the result.
I am grateful tonight for that little miracle that is inside daughter's belly right now as I listened to the pulsing heartbeat today I thanked God over and over for the opportunity to be able to be part of my grandchildren's lives and watch then arrive in this world and watch them grow up.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

God has blessed you. Have a great weekend. Blessings