Saturday, February 4, 2017


BRRRRR, Seems Saturday mornings are tagged to be the coldest reminder that winter is still here each weekend lately. 19 degrees on the thermometer at 8am and the ice was very thick on all the water pans.
Thankfully the sun is shining to warm things up.
Market started out slowly but business picked up nicely as the morning warmed. We are giving away a couple tickets to Outback Steakhouse to one of our lucky customers between now and next Saturday so folks were excited about registering for that.  I had a pretty good day with the couple orders I had so I am very thankful. As closing time grew near I got out some Valentine decorations for my table .

I left market at 2:00 thinking how nice it was today not to have to be in a rush to make sure I had everything out of market at 2:00 on the dot. At last weeks board meeting we voted to replace the current manager who isn't a market member and replace her with one of the market members who wants the job and she took over today. Leslie is a very personable nice lady and she will do a wonderful job I'm sure.
I came straight home today in the cold temps and was glad to get unloaded and in the warm house. Maybe I'm more sensitive to the cold today for some reason as I have my long handle underwear on but am still freezing out there.
Last night as we were making our Sam's list for hubbie I noticed they had a shredder on sale so that would save me a stop today . It is a much bigger shredder than I have had in years so this should make my yearly shredding duties go much faster.
I still have to be careful not to overheat the motor with running it too long at a time.
Between my shredding this afternoon I went through my photographs for the February decade pics.
The first year that I found any February pics was in 1987.
This is a post card from my mom's sister Carol. Aunt Carol and Uncle Bob (her husband) lived in Michigan and always spent winters in Florida. They always visited on their way to and from their winter home.
This is my mom, Goldie, on the left and Aunt Carol .
Also that year in February I lost another 2nd cousin.
Tonight has been a really relaxing evening laying on the couch watching the flames in the wood stove. With the temps getting into the low 20's again tonight we have fires going in both upstairs and downstairs wood stoves and the house is toasty warm. I have been yawning all night and hubbie says he thinks the extra warmth is making him really sleepy as well.
We are off to bed to get some extra zzzz's tonight.
Thankful for the blessing of a warm home and for the warmth in the loving arms of Jesus Christ our Savior.
God Bless and Good Night.

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