Monday, February 27, 2017


7am Monday as g-daughter arrives revved up and ready to play.
Hubbie spent the morning entertaining her while I did the chores and then got laundry started.
We took turns off and on with her and laundry and hubbie had somethings to do outside at his work shop.
After lunch I let her go outside for a few minutes as it is only 55 degrees for the high today and cloudy so it feels damp and cool out here.
She got in a few games of peep-a-boo from her playhouse and got to pet Pumpkin the cat awhile so she didn't put up to bad of a fight to come back inside.

She and hubbie took a long nap together this afternoon as he is still feeling a little under the weather  but at least his voice has come back some today.
After d-in-love picked g-daughter up hubbie and I did chores a bit early and then headed over to daughter's house to get our treadmill that she has had for years back. It was in the room she is fixing up to be the nursery and she needed it moved.
We made it back in time to unload with the help of #1 son and then watched the UNC / Virginia basketball game which Virginia surprisingly won by 10 points.
Hubbie went to bed early and I blogged and then headed that way also as I don't feel up to par tonight either. Hoping hubbie hasn't shared what he has had for the last week with me !!!
Both the 4-legged kids seem to be slowly getting better of their stomach problems today thankfully and as I type this tonight both of the are sleeping deeply , one on the couch the other in the recliner I was sitting in earlier.
The temperature is still 50 degrees at 11:00 tonight with a low of 43 predicted .
With February quickly coming to an end it has not seemed like a February at all with the temps being so warm all month. As this snow cover map shows the absence of snow for many areas of the country that have been warmer than normal also this month.
Thankful for the many blessings of this day and for the love of the Lord.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

G-daughter looks so cute playing outside. Hope you are feeling better today. Blessings