Tuesday, February 7, 2017


G-daughter arrived a little late this morning at 7:20 and she was very awake so I got her set up with her breakfast in her high chair and then did the chores a little earlier today.
We headed out to her play school and got there right on time today. She went walking right in and started playing with all the toys in there.
I left and came home to have a leisurely late breakfast. After I ate I went outside for a nice walk in the really warm morning. The clouds are trying their best to take over this morning and the warm , moist air feels like this wind that is really starting to blow might bring us some storms.
The winter time is a drab time but there is still beauty.
I came back inside and read my devotions and had a cup of tea. Re and the kids came by so EL could see Pumpkin, her cat. I was glad he happened to be on the porch instead of wandering along the creek bank or hunting in the woods. EL was happy to get to pet him.
After they left I picked up g-daughter and she went right to sleep and slept for about an hour .
I had my lunch and when she woke up she was really ill as I don't think she slept long enough. She finally shook off the sleepiness and had lunch.
We played for the afternoon.

 She loves playing outside in this new little playhouse.
 And she also loves Pumpkin the cat and he is glad to oblige and play with her !!!
As soon as d-in-love picked her up I did the chores early to get ahead of the rain that is coming into our area this evening.
Another winter storm was named today and this one didn't come onto the west coast but rather formed over the northeastern states. Niko is going to reek havoc with lots of snow and ice in this area.
Thursday is going to be one day of winter weather for us from this storm as the high temps will struggle to reach 40 during the day and the higher elevations will get some snow accumulations.
But by the weekend we will be back to spring temps !!
It has rained lightly all evening but the wind has died down thankfully . It is 52 degrees at 11:00 tonight !!
Thankful for the blessings of this day .
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Glad EL got to see and pet her cat. I bet she misses her. Our weather is just up and down. Rained all day yesterday. Today temps are down again so it may snow. This crazy weather gave me a cold and my hubby the flu. Keep safe and well. Blessings