Friday, February 17, 2017


Up to get this busy day started. Hubbie took today off work so we can get some much needed outside work done in this sunny warm weather. After chores and breakfast hubbie went out to work on his wood piles while I baked cakes. I baked 6 caramel, 2 pound , a pan of brownies and a pan of lemon bars before lunch time.
We ate lunch then headed outside to tackle a job that has been put off at least a year too long. This big Walnut tree is way to close to my sewing shop and there are also several smaller ones on this bank that need to be cut down.

We clipped briars and weeds that had tried to take over the bank before we tackled the trees. I had on long sleeves but I could feel blood trickled from several briar scratches. I also had a steady trickle of sweat from the 68 degree sunshine.
Hubbie managed to get all three prongs of the big tree cut and pushed away from my shop so we could cut them up from below.

We got several long sticks of Walnut to maybe make some hiking sticks from and also some firewood.
We carried all the brush away and then raked out the road side ditch and called it a day. Whew !!!
With the heat and all the muscles screaming that I used to hang on the steep bank I needed a break.
I had a tall glass of coconut water over crushed ice , yummy , but a strange sight for mid February as I had to change into a short sleeved shirt to cool down.
Oh this blue sky today, wow !!!

My rest was cut pretty short as a cool wind started as the sun sank making me go back to long sleeves. My  porch -sitting companion these days !!!
After chores and supper we watched the news. It's amazing how much longer the evenings as already even before the time change. I can watch almost the entire 6:00 news cast before it gets dark enough to close the chicken house doors.
I iced cakes and got things ready for market then headed to bed a tired lady tonight. I didn't even turn the computer on tonight. This post is written at market on Saturday and back dated.
Thankful for the strength and protection God gave hubbie and I today while we worked. Grateful that He gives us the strength that we need for our task, whatever they might be !!
God Bless and Good Night.

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