Thursday, February 2, 2017


Ground Hog day this year brought different opinions for what the weather holds for the future of this spring. Up in Pennsylvania ,Punxsutawny Phil did indeed see his shadow meaning 6 more weeks of winter weather.
However Greta the new ground hog at Chimney Rock state park who replaces Grady the groundhog who died this past year , did not see her shadow under all our cloudy skies so that means spring is just around the corner for us.

Up early and out to get chores done this morning . After I ate breakfast I got ready to head to market.
I made a stop at the PO on the way to mail a couple bills and made it to market about 10:00. I'm glad I didn't rush as there was no one there to notice my late arrival.
Market was pretty empty of customers for a couple hours and after I had a Greek salad that hubbie brought by for my lunch I decided $30  was all I was going to make today and started packing up. I had all my baked goods in my carrying racks and was in the process of covering my tables when a customer came in and asked for 3 whole caramel cakes for a total of $48 more. You just never know when one customer is going to really make a difference in your day but I was very glad for this good start on my February sales goals !!
I did go ahead and leave after this sale and stopped by sis-in-law Sandy's house to pick up a couple toys her sis-in-law Kristy was selling and pick up a ticket she had for daughter to get in early to the children's sale at the Ag Center this weekend.
Then I stopped in Belks to get more of my Clinique make-up that I am out off. They had a nice gift with purchase so I can try some of their other products also. I have used their "repairware" foundation for years and really like how kind it is to my skin.
I then completed my errands at Aldi and Walmart  shopping for groceries , dog food and baking supplies.
I made it home at 3:30 and unloaded then had a hot cup of tea while trying to get my old shredder to run so I can get started on "tax month" !!   No luck with the shredder so I guess on my "to do" list for tomorrow or Saturday will be the purchase of a new shredder. Bet I don't find any deals this time of year !
I did chores in a still cloudy quickly getting colder evening.
Hubbie and I rested this evening and watched TV. It is beginning to rain tonight just as I finish this post.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the everlasting love and grace of a wonderful Savior and Counselor.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Glad you got the extra sale. Have a great weekend. Blessings