Tuesday, February 21, 2017


G-daughter arrived at 7am and we layed back down until about 7:30 .
She had breakfast while I let the dogs and cat out of their overnight kennels. We headed out to First Baptist Church for her morning at play school.
There was several kids crying in her classroom this morning and I left her looking around at them as if to say "what is wrong with you all" ??
I worried that she might join the choir of crying but she picked up some blocks and started stacking them and I left.
Back home I did chores and then had my breakfast.
After breakfast I took a walk in the cloudy cooler morning.  I watched these crows attack this large hawk overhead as I walked.

I didn't get a clear enough picture to identify the hawk but he was a large one compared to the big crows that were attacking him.
Back inside I started work on #2 son's taxes before it was time to pick up g-daughter.
I am tired of fighting the congested parking lot at the play school pickup so I parked in the playground parking lot on the next block and took out my stroller and walked to get g-daughter from her class.
She was excited to see me as always and the teachers said she hadn't cried with the rest of the kids one of which was still there and still crying.
G-daughter didn't mind the ride up the street back to the Honda but I'm sure would rather have walked !!!
In the car she was asleep as soon as we started moving. She didn't sleep long when we got home . I think she was hungry because she ate a big lunch.
She is so funny with this old doll and stands and holds her hand as if she expects the doll to say something.

We played until about 2:30 and she got sleepy so I layed down with her in the bed in the playroom and within 20 minutes she was sound asleep. I got up and worked quietly on son's taxes for over an hour and a half before she woke up.
Boy was she a bear when she got up. Whiny and crying as if she was miserable and I couldn't do anything that would make her feel better.
D-in-love was working over this afternoon and when she arrived at 5:00 g-daughter was still in this mood. We couldn't figure out what the problem was , we are just hoping she isn't getting sick.
Hubbie came home feeling really crappy also so tonight I am hitting the Air Borne and hoping that we aren't all going to get sick with something.
I did chores and watched the news then finished #2 son's taxes. I am waiting for more info from Josh to finish their taxes.
Talked to daughter tonight and her varsity girls basketball team who was seeded at #27th won their first playoff game tonight against #7th seeded Sun Valley high school for a significant feather in their caps of the large upset  !!!
The girls were a happy group after the game !
I stayed up tonight and watched the season ending show of the treasure hunters on Oak Island, an island off the Northeastern coast where there is supposed to be 17th century treasure buried.
Of course they found enough to intrigue interest for another season of the treasure hunting show haha!
Hubbie went to bed earlier still not feeling well but he didn't sleep good last night so hopefully a good night's sleep will make him feel better.
Thankful to God for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Sure you you all aren't coming down with something nasty. The flu is going around here in WI. Will say a prayer for y'all. Hubby and I see our tax guy next week. Blessings