Wednesday, February 15, 2017


A rude awakening about 7am this morning and it wasn't the usual arrival of g-daughter but rather the thud of Dolly the blind 4-legged kid falling into the floor off our very high bed. She has done this once before and the fall induced a severe seizure that time. As I got up and went around to the floor to pick her up I expected the same results today but she was walking toward me. I picked her up and took her outside to potty. It was raining so we didn't spend much time out there. I went back to bed and tucked her under the covers against my leg. She was trembling either from the cold outside or the fall but she soon went to sleep thankfully without a seizure today.
I got up about an hour later and she was in such a deep sleep I hated to wake her up. The rain had stopped so I did chores and let all the animals out of their dry and warm overnight houses. We had 4/10ths inch from the early morning rain in the gauge.
After I had breakfast I went back outside in the windy 42 degree temp and took a nice long walk. My legs are sore from the inside walking video I did yesterday so I thought a walk outside would help loosen the sore muscles.
The clouds are  being blown away this morning leaving a pretty blue sky.
Back inside I rested with a cup of hot green tea and had my devotions. I miss having devotions on my busy mornings with g-daughter and on market days as this is so relaxing to me and seems to calmly start my day so that I can handle all the adversity that life usually throws my way during each day.
I got into my housecleaning for the week and only stopped for a quick lunch then went right back to the cleaning. I finished by about 3:00 and then went into my office to change out the files . Putting 2015 records  downstairs, 2016 in the file box under my desk and the 2017 receipts so far into the desk drawer files. I am ready for out taxes to be done now. I was hoping to get daughter's taxes finished today but ran out of time.
At chore time this evening the wind was still blowing and the temp was dropping fast making it feel really cold outside. Fortunately we are not having to dig out of another foot of snow as the northeastern states are once again as the "P" storm, Pluto was named today promising more snow for these already snow weary states.

I had supper then worked on weekly paperwork and bill paying.
Hubbie and I watched the UNC / NC State basketball game which UNC ran away with .
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the grace of a wonderful loving Savior.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Happy to hear Dolly survived her fall from you bed. Devotions are the best way to start any day. Blessings