Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Up to greet g-daughter at 7am. She acted tired so we layed back down and she went right back to sleep and I actually had to wake her up about an hour later to have some breakfast before play school.
The same poor little guy that always is pitching a screaming crying fit not wanting to stay at the school was there again and took the smile right off g-daughter's face as she walked into her classroom on her own today.
I left before she got a chance to have second thoughts about what was going on !
As I drove home I couldn't help but think how the roadsides look so much like spring is already here with all the pretty blooms .

I finished chores and had breakfast then took a long walk in the cloudy but very warm morning. I also can't remember when all three of these plum trees have been in full bloom in February. I'm sure that means we will have no plums this season !
After my walk I had a cup of green tea and did some housecleaning.
I parked up the street again today and walked with the stroller to pick g-daughter up. She was ready to go as she ran and got in the stroller as soon as I rolled it into her classroom. They are completing the alphabet by making things from their hand and foot prints that begin with each letter and it is so cute.
G-daughter went right to sleep on the way home and slept for almost 2 hours after we got home.
I had lunch then did some quiet things around the house while she slept.
When she woke up she had some lunch and then wanted to go outside. She is so curious about everything it is fun to watch her explore.

She loves Pumpkin the cat  !!!
I didn't realize she was doing the same thing he was until I downloaded this pic.
Learning to do stairs from a cat could have its advantages !!
We ended our outside fun with swinging which she loves.

 Pumpkin looks like he wants to hop on and swing too.
As we say good bye to the month of February this year  I am very thankful to God for the blessings of the month.
This has been a good month with no major good or bad happenings in the family. We have watched g-son play in some of his rec league basketball games which his team has lost every game so far this season. #1 son has coached the team and the losses have bothered him way more than they have g-son.
Daughter is coming along nicely with her pregnancy and has gotten over being sick thankfully.
I have been pretty busy at market thankfully in part due to the very nice weather of the month and have been going both Thursday and Saturday.
February is always "tax" month for me and I successfully got all our taxes done with several days to spare this year.
Our church choose a new pastor to lead us this month after almost a year after the announcement by the previous pastor that he was taking another job.
#2 son ended the month with the flu bug and missed a couple days of work. Tif picked bridesmaid dresses this month and got her dress back from having alterations done.
The weather has been the main story this month and with many things blooming it looks like a spring month instead of the winter month February is supposed to be. The chart below shows the average temperature above 60 degrees and 24 of the 28 days with above normal high temps with one record high set.

With rain beginning tonight about choretime and lasting into the evening it looks like March is predicted to come in like a lion with spring like storms tomorrow.

Praising God tonight from whom all blessings flow and looking forward to what He has in store for the family in March.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

That is such a cute project for the children to do in play school. We have so many things budding out around here also. Even thought I saw a Robin yesterday. Today we are having temps in the 30's with some snow predicted. A lot of folks are getting sick from all the ups and downs in the temperature - we just don't know how to dress as the weather changes minute by minute. Blessings!!