Wednesday, March 1, 2017


A nice morning welcomed me to March today. After chores and breakfast I took a nice walk. The 67 degree temperature is scary this early and probably means rough weather for later today ! There was 1/4" of rain in the gauge from last night's rain .
Seems funny to be walking in just a t-shirt on the first day of March.
On this 1st day of March this year along with the Forsythia and Plum trees our other fruit trees and bushes are unfortunately also starting to bloom and I don't know if they can even survive the predicted 23 degree temps coming this Friday night ?
Blueberry buds.....
Pear tree almost blooming.....
Peach trees are blooming.....
I saw lots of Robins flitting around this morning as if it was time to announce Spring !!!
These clouds this morning were a warning of what was to come this afternoon.
I spent the day inside doing housework and changing out all the Valentine decor for a random March decor. Since Easter is in April this year there is not really a theme for March so I just put out some random things.
On the noon news they said our area is now in the enhanced chance for severe weather today.
Later I got a notification on my phone that we were under a severe thunderstorm watch.
With the wind now really starting to blow and the temp now at 72 and the air feeling heavy with approaching rain I figured we in for a rough evening.
About 4:00 the thunder and lightening started and the rain blew sideways in the wind. Luckily I got out ahead of the storm and got Flash and Sadie up. All across the country today the above normal temps spurned tornadoes and thunderstorms.
March definitely came in today like a LION !!!!
The predictions are for March to follow suit to February with the above normal temps.
Hopefully we won't be as dry as February . This is the average March weather.
Today is a special day for the family as #2 son turns 34 years old today !!!
He has always been a happy boy even at an early age he always had a winning smile.
This is his senior year basketball picture. He was a very talented player and went to college on a basketball scholarship.
Today he still has that smile as he plans his upcoming marriage to Tif .
Thankful for all the blessings of this day and for the protective arms of the Lord this evening during the storms .
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Happy Birthday to your #2 son. He is a handsome man. We got snow yesterday so I guess March came in like a lion here also. Blessings