Tuesday, March 28, 2017


A rough night once again last night as the thunder and lightening storms started just as I got into bed. Poor Bernie the 4-legged kid is so terrified I had to hold on to him the entire time and there was definitely no sleeping until these storms passed with all their fireworks and noise.
Thank the Lord we didn't have any damage and also got 8/10ths inch of rain out of it.
7am came exceptionally early after not getting to sleep until around 2am !!
I got g-daughter her breakfast and she ate while I let all the animals out. The sun was a pretty site raising through the trees this morning.
I took g-daughter to play school and then stopped by the laundry and watched some "red neck TV' getting all my rugs and furniture covers washed.
Hubbie helped me load everything last night and after unloading and the loading things back up after they were washed and dried I was already pooped !
I came home and hung out all the rubber backed rugs on the clothesline. Today is going to be a perfect drying day for them.
I had time for a quick cup of green tea and my devotions before it was time to go pick g-daughter up.
She slept on the way home and slept long enough for me to have lunch before she woke up and wanted to play. I tried to get her to eat lunch but she wasn't hungry and only had some banana.
All she wanted to do was go outside !
This is pure joy !!!!
She loves to explore everything around.

And wants to pet the hens.

While we were outside daughter came by to kill some time until her doctor appointment.
After daughter left g-daughter and I went inside and had a snack while we waited for d-in-love to pick her up.
I rested for about 30 minutes until hubbie got home from work. We watched the news then I did chores. While checking on the red silkie and her eggs I heard peeps coming from the eggs where chicks were hatching so I changed out her food and lowered her nest so the chicks can get out and in and she can still sit on the unhatched eggs.
I also cleaned out another brooder box which was neglected last year and put another white silkie hen who is trying to set in there. She wasn't happy about her new abode so I don't know if she will settle down or not . I put a couple green eggs in the nest in there to see if she would go back to setting.
I gathered all the rugs off the clothesline and got everything put away. I discovered that I forgot a couple things this morning that should have been washed so I may make a quick stop next week one day.
Aa came by and picked up a caramel cake to take to his work so Merle Pittillo could take it to the Brigman family  from our community that lost a member and the funeral is tomorrow. Stanley Brigman was a good man and he will be missed.
Aa said the judge in the custody case in Ohio of Re's 2 nieces still hasn't made a decision .
Hubbie and I spent a quiet evening tonight and we both are going to bed early tonight to try and catch up on the lost sleep of last night.
Thankful for the strength God gives me each day and for all the other blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Love the look on g-daughters face when she is swinging. i am still praying for Aa and Re. Blessings