Thursday, March 16, 2017


Colder this morning than yesterday .

The ice had completely taken over all the water pans today. As I worked to get all the animals fresh water and feed I knew I was going to be late for market.
Some mornings priorities just have to come in to play !!
I made it to market only about 15 minutes late and found 2 ladies waiting, one for her pound cake order and one for only a dozen eggs but they both waited patiently.
It was very cold inside market today making me glad I got out my long handles for at least one more wear this season !!!
I was surprised to have the amount of sales I did have today and very thankful on this cold day that there was anyone braving the temperatures which slowly climbed into the mid 40's this afternoon.
Funny how a few days of cold winter weather can certainly make us look forward to the 60's temps that are in the forecast !!!
Sadly for all the pretty early spring blooms they are gone today after 2 nights of very cold temps and one more cold night coming tonight.
This pic was taken 2 days ago.
Same scene this morning !!!!
Farmers won't know how much damage the just budding fruits and trees have suffered until a bit later but we pray that the crops won't be a total loss.
I ran the weekly errands and made grocery and supply stops at Aldi and Walmart on the way home.
I also remembered I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast as I passed by Ingles and made a quick stop for a salad from their salad bar and a package of their rotisserie chicken leg quarters.
At home I hurriedly unloaded and then gave in to the wonderful aroma of the chicken and had some with the salad I made for a late lunch.
I almost forgot my 4:15 haircut appointment but made it on time and got a good hair cut. Markeeta said we might have to try another hair style for me next time because my hair is thinning out quite a bit and with the shorter cut like I have been getting it is flat on top.
I have always had super thick hair so a little thinning out probably won't hurt !!
I came home and hubbie who was already here watched the news and then we did chores for the evening. It was a nice change for there not to be frozen water pans everywhere this evening.
This has been a restful evening and I am glad because I don't feel great tonight. Hopefully I'm not getting something but maybe just feeling the effects of the time change catching up with me.
I am very thankful for the blessings of this day and for daughter's continuing good reports at the doctor for our new grand daughter who is due in June.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

i get so sad when i hear about how the cold is affecting the budding plants and trees. Praying their cross aren't a total loss. You should post a "selfie" with your new hair cut. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings