Saturday, March 18, 2017


Market day Saturday early alarm sounded this morning jarring me out of a really sound sleep. Don't know why I was so sleepy and tired last night but I sure slept good.
As I went out to do easier chores this morning with no ice to break . An earlier rain fall had left almost 2/10ths inch of rain in the gauge.
We made it to market on time today and had a pretty slow day and actually made less today than I did Thursday !!
Daughter brought her things out and stayed until her and hubbie went to the paint store to pick out a nursery color so hubbie can get the nursery painted.
I watched extra tables today so a couple of the neighbor vendors could represent us at the visitation of one of our elderly market vendors who passed away yesterday . Mary Jones was this years March's first victim. Seems this month always brings death to some of our vendors.
I will certainly miss Mary as not only was she a fellow market vendor but she lived just up the road from us and it was this generous lady who always gave me all the flowers she had left over to use at church for a fresh bouquet on the communion table. R.I.P. Mary I am glad you are out of pain.

Mary did not like doctors so when she developed really bad sores on both her legs she refused to go to the doctor for quite awhile. She did not have diabetes but had poor circulation so the sores wouldn't heal. By the time her son finally convinced her to go to a doctor there was nothing to do but amputate both legs to which she refused. Her son placed her in Hospice care so they could keep her pain level controlled.
After market I stopped by the Habitat restore to check out their appliances . A couple years ago they had several new double ovens that were donated from Westinghouse and I wish now I had bought one of them just to keep for a spare. My double oven is still shutting off during the baking times and I have to make sure I stay in the kitchen to turn them back on as soon as they shut themselves off.
No luck today for ovens at Habitat so I came straight home.
Hubbie helped me get unloaded and then we relaxed and watched basketball for the afternoon.
We did chores in a very nice clear evening.
And we didn't even need a jacket in this 60 degree weather !!!
More basketball to watch tonight and also this gorgeous sunset to watch !!
Thankful for a blessed day and looking forward to worshiping with my church family tomorrow.
God Bless and Good Night

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