Friday, March 31, 2017


Oh Boy !!!!  Talk about March going out like a lion !!!!!  Whew !! Just as I got into bed last night the bottom dropped out and the rain poured down for hours without slacking. The rain was making so much noise on the metal roof I couldn't even hear the thunder but the lightening continuously flashed daylight across the bedroom. The last time I looked at the clock it was almost 2am. One of three things must have happened after that, either the storm stopped, I got used to the noise and went to sleep anyway or I just didn't look at the clock anymore.
Again about 5am I was awakened by a loud clap of thunder and I heard more pouring rain.
Hubbie left for work at 5:30, he called to say the bottoms were flooded but he saw all the cattle in the barn thankfully.
When I got up a couple hours later the sun was shining but there was water everywhere. This is a major flood from overnight rain that left 3.9 inches in the gauge here and apparently because of the amount of flooding it rained more up the creek with no prior warning at all that we could get this much water !!!

Thankful that Ceyenne and all the cattle are safely gazing out over the floodwaters.
After chores and breakfast I spent the morning unstopping ditches along the driveway in advance of the next unexpected rush of rain water.
This guy looks confused as he got left high and dry with the receding flood waters.
The Robins were feasting on the worms that this over saturated ground were producing.
The first Azalea was ablaze after the rain in the warm upper 60's temps of today.
I came back inside at lunch time and had a salad with some turkey breast.
I started my baking for the day, I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate and 2 pans of brownies. We are having free ice cream tomorrow to welcome in April which begins our spring / summer season so I don't know what business will be like but I have an idea with mid 40's temps predicted for tonight there might not be any early ice cream takers !
After I finished baking I got out all my Easter decorations and changed things to a more purple / spring looking mode.
Finally with my knees and back aching from all my activities today I took a break and watched the news.
As I did chores this evening I checked in on the red Silkie and happily she has one little chick to keep her company now. Hopefully more of the eggs will hatch in the coming days.
I started this lady setting yesterday on some Araucana eggs to continue my green egg layers.
I also moved another black setting silkie into another brooder box tonight to set the Buff orpington eggs from Re's hens but it will take her a day or so to settle down after the move.
I spent the evening icing cakes and getting ready for market tomorrow.
The month of March this year has been a blessed month for all our family. #1 son turned 34 on the first day and he and Tif are busily making wedding and honeymoon plans for their up coming wedding.
March came in like a lamb as the first day was a beautiful sunny and warm day but the March wind returned that evening .
We watched a lot of basketball this month with g-son's games on Saturdays and the college season winding down with our favorite team UNC still playing and headed for the final four games this weekend.
I attended market on Thursdays as well as Saturdays and had a pretty good month of sales thanks to the nice weather.
Hubbie and I made an early flea market trip on the 8th and were pleasantly surprised at all the folks who were already set up for business.
Winter storm Stella roared into our area on the 12th leaving 3 inches of snow on a Sunday morning but it was gone by that afternoon as temperatures rose.
Another temperature drop on the 15th gave us a new record cold temp for that day of 32 degrees for the high for the day.
On the 26th of the month daughter turned 32 and is doing very well in her pregnancy as she continues to work on the nursery.
Two other birthdays of the month were Re - 31 and EL- 4  who both celebrated in Ohio where they still await the judges custody decision.
#1 son has spent the month working in the upstairs of his house where he is making g-son a room of his own.
We have had three overnight thunder storms which is rare for this early in the season as it is usually too cool at night for storms. But a continued 13 month above normal temps range for this month brought on the storms.
This March was just barely a continuation at  .3 above normal !!
On this last day of March also the "T", Theseus, winter storm was named as the northeast gets pounded with snow and rain.
Good Bye to a wonderfully blessed month and looking forward to April and to all the Challenges and Blessings the Lord has in store for me .
God Bless and Good Night.

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