Saturday, March 4, 2017


Thankfully the temp was 30 this morning when I got up at 8am so it didn't get as cold as predicted.
Market got off to a slow start but sales warmed up with the temperature and I am thankful for a pretty good sales day. Daughter brought her baked goods out and she and hubbie stayed until almost noon, then left to watch g-son's last basketball game. Today was the make-up for the first game in January when it snowed.
G-son hit a couple shots and he was happy as they all were because they won this game for the only win of the season. This is one of his shots .

After the game they all gathered for a picture. All the boys look happy and one of the biggest smiles is on #1 son, the coach's face !!!

G-son carries his long time best friend Nicholas.
I had nice visits from a couple friends today and then #1 son came by to help me load the Honda at closing time.
I made a stop at Ingles on the way home to pic up some things for tomorrow's lunch then made it home at 3:00. Hubbie helped me unload then we watched basketball between Louisville / Notre Dame which Louisville won.
Reluctantly I got up and went outside to get the chores done. I covered the blueberries for another cold night and hubbie stoked the wood stove again tonight.
It seems funny for some of these things not to be the normal everyday things this year but our unseasonably warm winter hasn't warranted wood stove fires each night and we usually don't have to worry about covering bushes or plants until about a month later than this.
We relaxed on this Saturday night watching the last regular season basketball game between UNC / Duke. It was a very good game and UNC came away with the win so it was a good evening !!!!
With not much else worth watching on TV these days I am glad at least we have one more month of basketball games to watch as March madness gets underway this coming week.
Thankful to God tonight for His graciousness and for blessing me undeservedly each day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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