Friday, March 17, 2017


Happy St. Patricks day !!!!

Up and out on a cloudy but still 21 degree morning. More ice to break and the animals all act stiff when they slowly emerge from their warm overnight houses.
I had breakfast then took a walk to locate all four of the cows in the pasture as they are all looking like they could have a calf any day. And remembering the rule of thumb with calving it usually happens in the worst weather !!
Luckily no calves today as hopefully they will wait for the warmer weather.  At least the clouds are making the temperature outside feel not so cold today.
I don't get down in the bottom pasture much anymore because I don't want the dogs to get started coming down here when I'm not with them but today it is nice to take in the views.

Back at the house I started gathering my baking supplies for the day and just before lunch hubbie came in. He is taking 1/2 day off today to catch up on some outside task that have been waiting.
We had an early lunch then he headed up to the garden to get the rabbit guard fence around it down so he can get the tractor in to plow. There is still a patch of Kale greens that I am feeding the chickens everyday so he didn't plow today.
I baked cakes, 12 caramel , 4 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake plus a pan of brownies.
When the last ones came out of the oven hubbie and I put out hay to all the cattle and then watched the UNC / Texas Southern NCAA tournament game which UNC ran away with. UNC is a #1 seed and Texas was the 16th seed in their region.
G-daughter got her first ride of Pawpaw's big " green" (fitting for this day) tractor today . She didn't know what to think of the ride this first time !!!

We finished up the chores and then watched the news and the start of the Duke / Troy game which was another run away for Duke as they are a #2 seed playing a 15th seed.
I iced all my cakes for the rest of the evening.
Thanking God tonight for the blessings of this day and for giving me the opportunity to watch these grandkids grow up.
God Bless and Good Night.

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