Sunday, March 19, 2017


A beautiful Sunday morning greeted us today. After chores we did some pre cooking for lunch then headed to church.
Pastor Craig preached from Mathew 5, 13-16 today and it was a good sermon about keeping the flavor in our salt as we Christians are the salt and light of the earth.
We had roast beef, baked potatoes, green beans,corn and biscuits for lunch and were joined by #1 son's family and daughter and Josh.
After lunch Daughter and Josh took g-son to a birthday party of one of his cousin in laws at the trampoline place in Arden. He had a great time after he got over the fear of the trampolines from remembering his dad's accident several years ago.
Hubbie and I settled in to watch some March madness games.
It is cool this afternoon but the sky is clear as a bell.
We did all the chores this evening. We have been taking care of Aa's farm while he has been in Ohio this past week for the guardianship trial for Re's 2 nieces . They had court 4 days last week but the judge postponed his decision between Re and one of the aunts from the husbands side of the family at the urging of the guardian-ad-litem for the girls asking the judge to talk to the oldest girl first . So that is scheduled for next Friday, prolonging everyone's agony for another week.
Aa's family are all on their way home here tonight to wait out the decision whenever it comes down.
Hubbie and I  have had a full day of basketball today as we finished the evening watching UNC beat Arkansas to reach the sweet 16 and then watched 7th seeded South Carolina defeat #2 Duke to move to their first sweet 16 ever in the history of their program.
Josh is at the games in Greenville,SC tonight with one of his cousins and sent these pics from his seat.

I need to get more decade pics on here so tonight I share March 1987.
On the first day #2 son turned 4 years old with a party with all his cousins.

Then there was a "Big Foot" truck show at the WNC Ag Center that the boys loved !!!

On the 26th of the month daughter turned 2 years old and that year we had a double party for her and one of her cousin's, Amber, who turned 3 close to the same day.
All the kids enjoyed helping daughter open her presents .
Our three great loves in that stage of their lives.
March holds many many fond memories for my family with two birthdays and the beginning of spring each year.
With today being the last day of winter this year as I look back over this winter season it has been difficult on most days to recognize winter as the days have been so warm and spring and even summer like. There were 2 snows with one of those coming the first of January and the 2nd just a week ago with warmth in between.
The main weather story is still about the drought for our area as we ended 2016 in a severe drought and in the much above average temperature range for the year along with the entire country.

It has not gotten  better as January ended with only normal precipitation and above normal temperature.

February came along and only made things worse with more very high temps and no snow and not much rainfall.

We will bid winter 2016-2017 good bye at midnight tonight and welcome the 2017 spring season with hopes anew of more normal weather  and God's continued blessings!!
My prayers are for thankfulness for the blessings of the past season and the future blessings in the seasons to come. May God continue to walk with me and guide me in all that I do and may I be the person who has eyes to see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst , a mind that forgets the bad and a soul that never loses faith in God !!!!
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

i love your prayer at the end of your blog - it is so beautiful. Aa and Re have been in my prayers since the accident happened. I will keep praying for God's will regarding those little girls. blessings