Sunday, March 12, 2017


What a beautiful winter wonderland to wake up to this morning. This is a perfect snow, it is a heavy wet snow and is stuck to everything but there is none on the roads. We have about 3 inches of this March snow.

The Pear tree blooms and Forsythia blossom have white snow caps.

Our church received a wonderful gift today from one of the older couples,Mr. And Mrs. Jarrett donated this van to the church today.
 We have needed a new van for a long time and this is a most generous gift from these two wonderfully faithful folks.
We had lasagna and salad for lunch today. Only #1 son's family joined us. G-son insisted on snow cream for dessert which he always covers with chocolate syrup.
G-daughter loves her new little chair I found .
Pumpkin wanted in on the action this afternoon !!!!
As the sun broke though the clouds around 2:00 it didn't take the 40 degrees sunshine long to melt all the snow away and by 2:30 all that was left of the snow was this stream of water coming off the roof and the steam coming up from the freshly plowed field across the creek.

We were hoping for more snow to help ease our drought conditions but we are thankful for what we got. Later this week some very low temps are predicted and all the farmers are worrying about the berry and apple crops if the teen temps last for long.
This is snow on our friend's blackberry and apple farm up on Sugarloaf Mountain.

After a restful afternoon hubbie and I did chores then met Josh and daughter to go haul 3 rocking chairs they bought home.
Thankful for the blessing of this day and for the love of my church family for our Lord and our church.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Your snow is so pretty. We are in the middle of a snow storm right now. Ours i sticking to the roads and sidewalks. Since we have had such warm temps I am surprised about the sticking. G-som cracks me up with putting chocolate syrup on his "snow" cone. Blessings