Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Woke to a beautiful spring morning. As I breathe in the cool fresh air of this time of year I am humbly grateful to our wonderful creator for the beauty of this season.
After chores, breakfast and devotions I took a nice long walk to just enjoy the morning.
D-in-love called and said she took g-daughter to the doctor this morning and she does have an ear infection . Probably from all the days of snotty nose !!
Hubbie took 1/2 day off this afternoon so we can get the garden ready for planting before all the heavy rains get here that are predicted for tomorrow and Friday.
We had lunch then headed up to the garden. First we pulled up all the remaining Kale greens, Turnips and some clumps of grass that had already started growing and fed all of it to the chickens. They love fresh green things.
Then we hooked the plow up and hubbie plowed slow and deep this year. The soil was more moist than I thought it would be.

Then he switched to the disk to smooth the furrows left by the plow.
We aren't going to plant anything today with all the rain predicted but now we are ready for the next round of dry weather to get our early garden planted.
While he was working on this I cleaned all my chicken houses out. It was past time in some of them but in cold temps I try to leave them a bit dirty to create more heat for the hens so they continue to lay eggs better.
The houses look so much better with their spring cleaning !!!

I am trying an old cowboy trick out to see if I can keep the snakes from feasting on my eggs this year.
Cowboys out west at night when they lay down to sleep by their campfires would always take their ropes and encircle themselves to keep snakes from coming to the heat of their fires. Believing that the stiff bristles of the old ropes would deter snakes as the bristles would scratch their tender bellies.
Hopefully my black and rat snakes have tender bellies that they don't want scratched !!!!
I stapled the rope all around the door opening and closed some other openings in the house where we killed 3 large snakes last year !!

After we were finished with these tasks we rested on the front porch for a few minutes until chore time. After chores we loaded up Re's Buff Orpinton rooster and the 1 Buff orpington hen along with a couple Golden Comets and took them back to the lot Aa made at their house. I have more silkie hens wanting to set and I would love to have some more Buff Orpingtons so with them all alone with this rooster for a few days I will put these eggs under some of the setting silkies to see what I get.
We came home and watched Survivor on TV then I figured bills and did the weekly paperwork.
Grateful for the blessing of a beautiful world and the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I'll bet all the rain we are having is what is headed your way. Sure hope you get the much needed rain; we sure don't need anymore. Way too wet around here. Great idea about the rope. Hope it works. Blessings