Monday, March 13, 2017


The first Monday morning of daylight savings time is always rough and today was no exception as g-daughter arrived at 7am.
Hubbie brought her back to bed thinking she would surely go back to sleep today but after wrestling her for about 20 minutes he gave up and got up with her. At least I got a few more zzz's.
After chores in the 27 degree morning and back to breaking ice off the water pans for all the animals I came back inside and had breakfast.
G-daughter was happy today and wanted to have a matching cap with Pawpaw.

I think she will definitely be his little fishing buddie or any other type of buddie he wants !!!!
I spent the morning doing the weekly laundry between helping entertain g-daughter.
She went to sleep just before lunch and slept a good nap.
I got ready and went to my annual dermatology appointment to get my yearly skin check. All was good today except a little cyst he cut off my hand. The bump on the side of my head above my ear we are just going to watch to make sure it doesn't get any larger.
I was back home in less than an hour so that was great. He moved his office closer and it is very nice.
D-in-love had a doctor's appointment this afternoon so she dropped g-son off to stay while she was gone.
He was hungry and then played with his sister well while I finished laundry and hubbie loaded the dishwasher.
After d-in-love picked the kids up hubbie and I did the chores in a cold misty rain.
Tonight we are supposed to get more snow and sleet but none sticking to the roads in the 31 degree temperature.
To continue the decade pics for March I found this news article from my Aunt Hattie's scrap book dated March 27, 1947 with a snowfall that made folks think winter had returned.
Also this is a picture of the Edneyville high school basketball team with one of my cousin's Lawrence on it.
I always enjoy these old political cartoons from years back that remind us that politics have always been kind of crazy.
Spent a relaxing evening enjoying the warmth of the wood stove.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for a good doctors report today.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Good news about your doctor visit.Daylight Saving time is a real bummer for me. It throws my whole body off. I was just getting used to it being light when I get up, now it is dark again. Love your old pictures. Blessings