Tuesday, March 21, 2017


G-daughter was here at 7am to get this day off to an early start.While she had her breakfast I turned the animals out of their overnight houses. As I looked at the nice warm sunshine I wanted to kick the weathermen after they said today was going to be stormy and I didn't load my rugs and covers in the Honda last night so I could stop at the laundry on my home from dropping g-daughter this morning.
After I took g-daughter to play school I came home and finished the chores and then had my breakfast.  I had my devotions and then went on a walk in the short shirt sleeve already temps. Some color made it through the cold temps of last week and is still pretty this morning. My favorite daffodils are still hanging on.
These violets are springing up all over the lawn.
And this creeping Charlie is starting to finally bloom.
These are the first of these Woods Hyacinths I have seen this year maybe they were smart not to bloom out until now.
The same could be said for this Sweet Almond bush that has waited until now to out out these sweet little blooms.
Unfortunately the Forsythia has had it for this season.

And these pear blooms,although still hanging on to the tree branches have no sign of a fruit in their blackened, frozen centers.
The jury is still out on the blueberries as they hadn't burst into bloom yet and the buds are still hanging on.
I'm sure a lot of the area apple growers are waiting to see how much damage to the apples also.
By the time I finished my walk and got back inside it was time to pick g-daughter up. Today was a very nice day to stroll the street to and from the church where her school is. She waves and says hey to everyone we meet on our way back to our car.
After lunch she watched Sesame Street from her favorite chair while I changed the curtains in the living room.
When I sat down after I finished I thought she might take a nap but no dice today !!!!
As soon as Sesame street ended she saw the open door and demanded we go outside to play.
She loves to swing .....

And to play in this playhouse sis-in-law Sandy gave her.
Funny how some things change yet stay the same !!!!
G-daughter today ........
G-son back in spring of 2009

G-daughter today .......

El back in June of 2014 ......

She likes to relax in the lawn chairs.

The 80 degree sun was hot and her cheeks got rosy in it so we headed inside to rest.
She finally gave up and went to sleep about 15 minutes before d-in-love got here to pick her up. She was sleeping so soundly we didn't want to wake her so d-in-love took g-son to town to get him some soccer cleats and left her here .
She slept about an hour and then cried to go outside again. Hubbie was here by then and we took her out and she got to swing until her mom came to pick her up.
Hubbie and I did chores a little early this evening after watching the sky fill with dark threatening storm clouds.

An 80 degree sunny day in March almost always spells trouble in the evening. And the storms started lining up this evening. That is why I am late publishing this post as I had to turn off the desktop and write this on my laptop last night because of the intense lightening and thunder.
D-in-love took g-daughter to g-son's soccer practice this evening and she got to swing some more.
It is crazy how much she has grown up and changed in the last 6 months as the pic on the right was taken last September and the one on the left was today at the same park.

The storms are really bad tonight and I pray for my families safety and the safety of all who are the paths of these as this cold front meets this unusually warm air.
Praying for God's protective arms around us all  tonight .
God Bless and Good Night

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