Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Didn't sleep well at all last night so when the alarm sounded at 7am this morning I was in such a fog I could not figure out what was going on ????
Finally I heard hubbie coming out of the bathroom and it came to me that we were going to the flea market today. Hubbie took the day off from work .
We hurried through chores and headed down the mountain as the temperature reached into the low 40's .
We didn't have any traffic problems and arrived at the Picken's Flea Market in about an hour right at 9:00. There was no problem finding a parking space today. With the rains of last night we weren't sure what kind of day it would be but with the time change coming this weekend we decided to give it a try.
There was some empty tables but the market has expanded with several more covered aisles and added outside spaces also so there were plenty of sellers here.
This was one time we have been here that the red clay dust wasn't blowing around clogging our sinus. At home this morning there was only 1/10th inch of rain in our gauge but down here there was mud puddles everywhere and no dust. Hubbie bought this usable antique block and tackle then  had to carry it because it was too heavy for my cart.
We had to empty my cart several times today but really only bought small stuff and mostly food and fresh vegetables.
It looks like a lot but there wasn't much in each of these bags. I did find  two kids adirondack          chairs for g-daughter and g-daughter #2 who is on her way to sit in for $2 each and they are new. I was glad I had on a short sleeve shirt as the 72 degree sunshine was very warm.
We headed back up the mountain and decided we weren't hungry enough to stop for our regular lunch and only grabbed some snacks when we stopped for gas.
We made it home before 2:00  and got things unloaded. Then we rested our tired legs from all the walking we did while we watched the ACC tournament game between Duke / Clemson which Duke barely won.
My sleepless night caught up with me and I took an on and off 2 hour nap !!!! Probably can look forward to another sleepless night now !!!!
Hubbie had to go down and play a couple games of basketball with g-son again this evening as g-daughter watched out the window of her room.

I have a feeling they better enjoy these last few warm evenings outside before the prediction of winter temps come back bringing snow for the weekend !!!!!  It is hard to believe snow is in the forecast after the 72 degrees we were in today !
I finished out this day doing the weekly paperwork and getting ready for market tomorrow.
I am grateful for God's traveling mercies for hubbie and I today as well as all the other blessings of the day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Sounds and looks like a productive day at the flea market. Isn't it crazy how one day it is warm and beautiful and the next day it is cold and rain/snow. Happy you had a nice day for your trip. Blessings