Monday, March 6, 2017


7am seems to come earlier each week and I am surely not looking forward to next Monday when it actually will come an hour earlier !!!!
Hubbie got g-daughter breakfast while I caught a few extra zzz's this morning. I told him to bring her back to bed but he said he was already too awake.
I did chores and had breakfast just as they were finishing up. We decided to make our Southern States trip this morning to buy more chicken feed so g-daughter could get a short morning nap.
When we got home I started the weekly laundry and stoked up the fire in the downstairs woodstove. It is in the low 50's today but it is really cloudy and damp so a fire down there keeps the chill knocked down in the entire house.
Hubbie and I switched off playing with g-daughter all day today and kept her inside. She acts like she doesn't feel great today and is a bit fussy. She finally took a fitful hour long nap this afternoon.
After d-in-love picked her up at 4:30 I went up to clean out one of the brooder boxes to let a setting Silkie move in there with a nest full of Silkie eggs. I sell these chicks in spring time.
When I moved her she got off the nest for a little while and I was afraid she was going to abandoned it but she just ate some of the corn I put in there for her and sat right back down on all the eggs.
G-son called hubbie this evening to come down and shoot some basketball with him. Daughter also stopped by for a few minutes and joined them.
When he came back up to our house he made me another laying box to replace the one I moved out with the setter in it.
It still looks like it is going to rain any minute but so far no rain for us.
This is severe weather awareness week and on the local news tonight they told about the tornadoes that have touched down here in our area. We are not immune to these and they can cause very serious damage if they start bouncing from hill to hill around here. Henderson county has had three tornadoes since record keeping began and they were in three consecutive years in the mid 70's

I did notice that the 1976 tornado was actually in February !!!
One of these that had the longest path was very near our farm.
In Buncombe county they doubled out total with six tornado touch downs.
I remember my dad always said that it would be really bad if a tornado got caught in one of these valleys and stayed on the ground very long. And that saying multiplies many times in this day and time as there are so many more homes built on the sides of these mountains.
Prayerfully a tornado isn't in God's plans for us.
I am thankful for the blessings of this day and for His great Love.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I'll say a prayer for you that God keeps you safe and no tornado comes your way. Blessings