Friday, March 10, 2017


An early morning storm with plenty of thunder and lightening woke us around 4am. It sounded like we got more rain than we did with the wind but there was only 3/10ths inch in the gauge this morning at chore time. By chore time the sun was shining and the early morning storm was a memory except for one home owner on the other side of the county as lightening struck their house and it burned to the ground . The house was on a ridge top and firemen had a hard time getting water up the mountain to fight the fire. Thankfully everyone got out safely.
After chores and breakfast I took a walk in the cool windy morning.
 As I looked around I noticed the freezing temps of last week didn't do too much damage to the blooming fruit trees and bushes.
The Pear blossom have opened up in the recent warm days.

Even the fully blooming Plum trees didn't suffer much damage.
The Peach trees still have their pretty pink blooms.
And the Blueberries we covered each night have really swollen buds now.
My Forsythia is still vibrant .
And now my favorite Daffodils are in bloom.
Along with the wonderfully aromatic Hyacinth.
I took the time to really enjoy all this prettiness today as I figure all these won't survive the cold teen temps of the upcoming week.
I spent the rest of the morning baking cakes. I baked 6 caramel, 1 chocolate, 2 pound cakes, 1 blackberry wine and 2 pans of brownies and then had a late lunch.
I was going to clean up my blackberry patch today but when I got out in the very windy afternoon and felt the chill the wind is blowing in I decided this would be a good day for inside work.
I went through my pictures searching for March decade pics and the earliest I found was the birth of my first cousin Winnie and the death of her mother, my dad's sister.

This is my Aunt Winnie's pic , she was a beautiful young woman.
She married Coy Orr and then unfortunately died in child birth of their first child who was named for her mother.
Coy was a mason and designed this beautiful grave site for Winnie.

This is a telegram Coy sent to my grandfather that month.
My cousin Winnie died in November 2015.
After I got all the decade pics copied I moved on to my sewing project for the day. I have been slacking on these this week and this is the only day I have gotten any sewing time in. I made this pretty yellow flowered large bonnet .

After chores I came inside and started icing my cakes and getting ready for market. Hubbie and I watched parts of the UNC / Duke tournament game which Duke won .
The weather is going to get very interesting starting tomorrow evening with 4 inches of snow now predicted for our area.
Some weather forecasters say more some say less and some even say more snow for Monday . I guess we will see what tomorrow night brings. I'm glad God is in control .
Thankful for all the blessings of this day and giving all my cares to Him tonight .
God Bless and Good Night

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