Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Up and at it early this morning as g-daughter had no intention of going back to bed today. She had her breakfast and then we headed out to her play school morning. She was full of herself this morning and had to walk in while waving and telling everyone we met hi.
Thankfully there was no crying in her classroom this morning and she jumped right into the play area.
I came home to get chores done , have breakfast and get my morning walk in. It is cool and cloudy today with rain expected later in the day.
I had time for a cup of tea and my devotions when I got back inside before it was time to go pick up g-daughter.
She was as happy when I got back as she was when I left her and as she rode in the stroller up the street to where I parked she was laughing and talking to everyone we met.
However as soon as she got in her car seat she became the "great sleeper, thinker" !!!!
I love these little hand and foot projects they do every week.
She slept while I had lunch then woke up very cranky. I held her awhile and let her slowly get woke up then she was fine. She ate her lunch then we headed outside for a little while. She had to catch up to her buddy Pumpkin. This cat must have been raised around kids because he seeks her out and continually stays by her side when she is outside.

The wind started blowing and it was too cold for her so we came back inside to play. Nice dainty little girls don't climb on things !!!!!  Seems she doesn't think of herself as a nice dainty little girl !!

She finally got her little pink pillow I made for her and cuddled up on the rug and went to sleep. I moved her to the couch just before d-in-love came to pick her up.
After she left I rested for a while. 
G-son called hubbie and had him stop to pick him and his basketball up to put air in it and then they played a game or two until the rain started.
We did chores in a misty rain. We need some rain but this system isn't going to give us hardly anything and unbelievably they are talking maybe snow this weekend ?????????
Hubbie and I spent this evening watching the first day ACC tournament games.
Sadly one of hubbie's school classmates and a dear friend of both of us lost his battle with ALS yesterday at 61 years of age. Mickey Marvin was a devoted Christian Soldier and a great example of what a famous NFL retired player should be as he worked with many kids and adults to help guide them in their walk with the Lord. Mickey played football with the Oakland Raiders.
 He will be greatly missed. My prayers are with his family tonight and in the days to come.

 Thankful tonight for the blessings of this day and the grace and love He shows me each day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

That little g-daughter of yours is just so cute. Sorry for the loss of your hubbies friend. I am sure Jesus welcomed him with open arms. Another very windy day here. I'm off to Lenten services this morning. Blessings